“Expected to pop”: WWE star Alexa Bliss breaks pregnancy news on social media

The WWE universe was left stunned when the enchanting Alexa Bliss dropped a bombshell on social media, revealing her pregnancy and leaving fans eagerly speculating about her future in the ring.

With a flick of her metaphorical wrist, Bliss shattered all expectations, revealing the most awe-inspiring news of her pregnancy, catapulting fans into a frenzy of wild speculation about her future endeavors within the hallowed wrestling ring.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss expecting her first child with her husband Ryan Cabrera

The illustrious wrestling star, known for her mesmerizing performances, shared the joyous news of expecting her first child with her husband, the musical maestro Ryan Cabrera. Since her unforgettable encounter against Bianca Belair at the illustrious 2023 Royal Rumble, Bliss has been absent from the squared circle, leading many to believe that she was on a temporary hiatus from WWE. However, the former Raw Women’s Champion swiftly debunked these assumptions, hinting at a return to the adrenaline-fueled realm of wrestling. Despite battling against basal cell carcinoma earlier this year, a procedure that Bliss courageously underwent to remove the affliction from her face, the tenacious wrestler has proven her resilience.

Displaying unwavering determination, Bliss emphasized that the recovery process was remarkably swift, allowing her to swiftly reclaim her spot in the limelight. In a fascinating twist of fate, Bliss isn’t the only wrestling persona celebrating an imminent addition to their family. AEW’s charismatic couple, Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo, made a heartwarming announcement during Guevara’s unforgettable entrance at Double Or Nothing, sending shockwaves through the wrestling stratosphere.

Alexa’s recent WWE hiatus explained along with future plans

Confirming her pregnancy news through a social media revelation, Bliss and her partner in life and melody, Ryan Cabrera, thrilled their fans by announcing their impending journey into parenthood. The unexpected yet joyful surprise left admirers yearning for her triumphant return to the WWE stage.

One fan, expressing their heartfelt congratulations and expressing their longing for Bliss’s presence in the wrestling world, received a tantalizing response from the captivating superstar herself. Bliss, oozing confidence and determination, simply replied, “I’ll be back!”

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This enigmatic statement ignited immense anticipation among followers, reminiscent of how wrestling luminaries Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans took a hiatus to embrace motherhood before resurfacing with a vengeance. As the WWE Universe awaits the glorious return of Alexa Bliss, the realm of professional wrestling braces itself for the exhilarating presence of these new additions, promising an unforgettable and action-packed future. Stay tuned, for the extraordinary world of sports entertainment is about to witness the birth of a new generation of captivating stars!

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