Becky Lynch calls for fair treatment of wrestlers amidst celebrity Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, wanting equality in WWE

In a recent interview on the “My Love Letter to Wrestling” podcast, six-time world champion Becky Lynch expressed her thoughts on celebrity guests like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, who have been stepping into the wrestling ring. Rather than embracing these high-profile appearances, Lynch believes that the focus should remain on the professional wrestlers themselves and their in-ring performances.

Becky Lynch does not want celebrities like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny to be above WWE wrestlers

Following Bad Bunny’s highly praised solo debut at Backlash, Lynch was asked by Mark Andrews, the podcast host, about her opinion on other celebrities entering the ring. However, “Big Time Becks” swiftly dismissed the question, emphasizing her preference to see the dedicated fighters showcasing their skills.

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Lynch passionately voiced her support for the wrestlers who commit themselves wholeheartedly to the industry. These individuals spend countless hours working, traveling to small towns, fighting four days a week, and sacrificing time with their families and vacations. WrestleMania, the pinnacle event of WWE, holds immense significance for these hardworking individuals, and Lynch wants to see them receive the recognition they deserve.

Keeping the Spotlight on Dedicated Wrestlers: Becky Lynch’s Stance on Celebrities like Logan Paul in the Ring

While Lynch expressed openness to celebrities like Cyndi Lauper making appearances in non-wrestling managerial roles, she cautioned against celebrities attempting to compete in the ring. She highlighted the disparity between the sacrifices made by professional wrestlers and the desire of celebrities to simply bask in the limelight. Lynch recognized the attention these celebrities bring to WWE but stressed that their presence should not overshadow the foundation of the business, which is built on the dedication and sacrifice of the wrestlers.

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Lynch firmly believes that featuring celebrities for extended periods on WWE shows is fundamentally flawed. While brief appearances can add value, granting them excessive credit at the expense of the hardworking fighters who pour their hearts into their profession on a weekly basis is unjust.

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In summary, Becky Lynch’s stance on celebrity guests in wrestling is clear: the spotlight should be reserved for professional wrestlers who dedicate their lives to the sport. While she appreciates the attention celebrities bring, Lynch asserts that they do not understand the sacrifices made by wrestlers and should not take away from the true essence of the business. It is a reality that giving excessive credit to celebrities undermines the efforts of the wrestlers and the passion they invest in their craft.

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