F1 champ Max Verstappen sheds light on challenges that hindered his dominance in Canadian GP: “The tyres were always running quite cold”

With the pace Max Verstappen is heading at, other teams are banking on any and every chinks in the armour they can find under the Red Bull’s hood. At the Canadian GP, it was the tyre temperature that Max was struggling to maintain. 

It did not make a dent as Max Verstappen finished first and secured the 100th win for Redbull which is a feat only 5 teams have achieved in the sport till now. However, as pointed out by Helmut the tyre situation could have posed a threat if the rivals like Ferrari had started closer to the Dutch star instead of 10th and 11th. 

Max Verstappen’s thoughts on his tyre struggles

Usually as seen in past races, Max Verstappen always finishes with an unimaginable lead ahead of his competitors. Surprisingly, this was not observed at The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Mark P. Hughes, GP editor for Motor Sport magazine seemed to believe that Max Verstappen’s lead was reduced due to 2 factors:

  • Aston Martin’s upgrades, which led Fernando Alonso to bring home P2 and P9 for Lance Stroll
  • The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is very peculiar as it is the only track where drivers are advised to burn into their tires. It means to increase the temperature of the tyres since half the grid was struggling to keep heat in their tyres.

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“We changed the car on quite a bit compared to Friday, so I didn’t really know how it would feel today, but luckily it went in the right direction. I think it was quite tough today to keep the tyres in the right window. They were always running quite cold, so we had to push actually quite hard on the tyre.” Told Max Verstappen to the media regarding what he felt about the tyre situation. 

Max Verstappen securing Red Bull’s 100th race win

It has come to a stage where it is public knowledge that Mad Max, the over-anxious, the tempered, the fiery driver is not seen anymore. We see a calm driver who delivers excellent results week in and week out. The racers behind him think he is uncatchable and they might be just true. 

Red Bull celebrate 100th F1 win with Verstappen victory in Canada"

Lewis Hamilton went through the same situation but however, but the difference was there existed rivals like Nico or Vettel to challenge Hamilton’s crown. Here, there exists no one fast enough, skilled enough to catch the Dutch star. 

The Canadian GP win for Red Bull also marked their 100th win. It is a historic feat for a team that only started operations in 2005 to take over a weak struggling team like Jaguar. 

Sebastian Vettel gave Red Bull their first race win in 2009 at the Chinese GP.  They stand currently with six drivers’ titles and five constructors’ a tally that will only increase in the coming seasons.

Booed away as an Energy drink manufacturer with an ironic catchphrase of “Red Bull gives you wings” has come a long way in the sport. Max Verstappen right now looks like the iconic catchphrase has come to life as he is flying away to race wins and titles. 


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