F1 community was taken aback with Lewis Hamilton’s official sci-fi style helmet for the Japanese GP

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, showcased his love and adoration for Japan by recently unveiling his helmet design for the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix, which is set to take place on the track of the Suzuka circuit. His fans were mind-blown by the insane design it had and how unique it was compared to the other Grand Prix.

Hamilton shared multiple photos of his helmet on social media, receiving tons of likes, shares, and comments regarding how the fans were stunned by its unique style.

Lewis Hamilton officially reveals his sci-fi style helmet for the Japanese GP

Hamilton’s new helmet has been hyped up since it was revealed, due to its sci-fi style. The design features a chrome finish and a striking LED strip across the visor, which illuminates the helmet. However, he will probably not be able to race with that LED strip on because a source of light like that can be a distraction on track and a safety hazard.

Nonetheless, even without LED, this helmet will be worth watching for at the Japanese GP.

The British driver shared some further photos of the helmet with the caption, “Man vs. Machine”. The chrome finish looks as though it is accompanied by a stripe down the middle with the Mercedes logo on top.  

Lewis, who spectacularly overtook the seemingly unstoppable Max Verstappen in the Singapore GP, designed this helmet in collaboration with Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese illustrator. The lovely people at TeamLab Planets have brought it to life for the Japanese GP. They are a Tokyo-based company that deals in such designs.

F1 community reacts to Lewis Hamilton’s Japanese GP helmet

Fans all around the world have united online to show their love for Lewis as well as his beautiful helmet. They have called it “out of this world”, “alien-like”, and “the coolest design ever.”

Further comments included things like:

 “That’s the coolest helmet I’ve ever seen”



“Sir just dropped the best helmet of the year and thought we wouldn’t notice”

Overall, the audience loved the design, including Hamilton himself. The Brit has done justice to the country of cherry blossoms with the eye-catching design of the helmet, making fans eagerly wait for the thrill of the Japanese GP.

Do you think Hamilton will be able to make his fans proud yet again in the Japanese GP? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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