Fans call for rule change while slamming “absolute joke” of Wimbledon schedule following Novak Djokovic suspension

No matter how much of a hard time the 26 yo stunner Hubert Hurkacz gave his opponent, the end results were a given in 4R. Hubi played against the legendary Novak Djokovic earlier today and was determined to give the champ an unexpectedly difficult time. Regardless, Nole defeated the Polish star and marches into quarter finals (7-6, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4).

On Sunday night, the match started with aggressive energy from both sides. However, when Nole was leading 2-0 sets and the player’s momentum and crowd’s hype skyrocketing, the match was halted. 

Why Novak Djokovic vs Hubert Hurkacz match got suspended?

Wimbledon 2023 schedule has already been super chaotic with the rain delaying matches and the Just Stop Oil disruptions. To add to this, is the club’s curfew time. Fans were left in a cliffhanger yet again, due to the All England Club’s 11 p.m curfew. 


When looking into why the curfew came into place, it is seen that the rule was put up in 2009 to “balance the consideration of local residents”. Since the SW19 is located in a residential area, the concerns are quite reasonable. Wimbledon is the most prestigious international tennis event with fans coming in to watch from across the world. So, the safety of visitors, residents and players is a key element to this frustrating curfew rule. 

This is why the match was halted on Sunday night and had to wait till Monday evening to resume again. 

Fans blast Wimbledon for having “worst rule ever”

On day 1, it began with the nerviest back and forth fight between Hubi and Nole. Neither players were backing down in the first 2 sets, until Nole took the win at the tiebreakers. As soon as the tennis genius bagged the second set, they were asked to pack up and leave.

This was not the first time the curfew had hindered the momentum and hype and the fans were not having it. Tennis lovers started to quickly point out how much they hated this rule. 

After waiting one whole day, on day 2, Hubert becomes the first person to fire more than 30 aces (totally, 33 aces) in a match against Novak since 2016. Djokovic pulled the most Djokovic move of squandering opponents in the tie breaker. The top favorite is now in the quarterfinals and as the matches become more complex, the curfew becomes more annoying. 

What are your thoughts on the All England Club curfew? Let us know in the comments below. 


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