Fans dump WWE’s efforts of creating “next Kurt Angle” by hackling NXT talent with “Bullsh*t” chants

In the history of WWE, there have been very few wrestlers who can be considered legends. The Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle is one of them. The Hall of Famer had a very smooth wrestling career in WWE. The fact is that he used to rule WWE once upon a time. He has provided immensely to the industry during his tenure.

But unfortunately, Kurt retired from wrestling a few years back due to his age. WWE has been looking for a new Kurt Angle for some time now, and it seems like they have found the perfect substitute.

WWE’s “next Kurt Angle” was severely roasted by the crowd

The person that WWE wants to appoint a new Kurt Angle is none other than Gable Stevenson. In September 2021 Steveson signed with WWE. In his college wrestling career at the University of Minnesota, he won two NCAA championships. He was also a 2020 Olympic gold medalist in the freestyle wrestling heavyweight division. 

Kurt Angle

Gable Steveson’s first premiered pro wrestling match ended in a double count-out and a brawl with his opponent Baron Corbin. The crowd was initially not happy with the finish, they chanted “Let’s go Corbin” continuously and there were also audible “bullshit” chants ringing around the whole arena before they picked up when a lengthy brawl outside the ring.

The crowd also seemed to have divided loyalties, with a majority number cheering on Corbin. If we look back at the beginning pro wrestling career of Kurt Angle, he was also booed by fans several times. But eventually, he made a big name for himself and fans started to accept him. Hopefully, a similar case might happen for Steveson if he performs well. 

Opponent Baron Corbin retired Angle in his retirement match

After returning to WWE in 2017, the Olympic Hero was the RAW GM for more than a year, but eventually, that led to him having a feud with Baron Corbin. That led to a match at WrestleMania 35 and Angle’s last bout in the ring. Many fans were disappointed over the fact that Angle’s final outing was against Baron Corbin.

On his podcast with Conrad Thompson, Angle explained how it all came to be. 

“It was really hard to guess who was going to wrestle who and things weren’t structured out as neatly as in prior years, They usually had the WrestleMania card by December at the very latest. If they were going to have WrestleMania in March or April, they would have been prepared by December. But this one wasn’t ready for quite some time and I don’t think they put together the card entirely until the week before WrestleMania.”- said Kurt Angle.

Kurt further added: “I don’t think they knew I was going to wrestle Corbin at WrestleMania, I think what they did is they knew I was going to retire. They didn’t know who to put me with. I was doing a program with Baron even though we finished it because he beat me clean. They decided to do it again at WrestleMania.

“I think they killed two birds with one stone. They got my retirement match on WrestleMania and they got a good filler match in between two main event matches. I really believe that my match was honestly a filler match. When you go under six minutes at WrestleMania and you’re in 14th position and you’re after Batista vs HHH and you’re on before the main event, it’s a tough spot.

“Not having a lot of time, you know you’re the filler match and that’s what it is.”

Will the new Kurt Angle succeed in his pursuit of pro wrestling? Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on his pursuit.



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