Fans fear for Cody Rhodes ahead of potential WrestleMania rematch with Roman Reigns, after Bloodline relative’s release

Ever since Cody Rhodes returned to WWE, he has been treated like the only worthy competitor and a star and he has fully lived up to the part. He has stepped up whenever the Stamford-based company required him to and is clearly the face of the company moving forward.

Everyone wants him to finish the story and finally win the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship, a feat his father never achieved. But it seems like the probability of that is getting less by the day as Bloodline might have more people in their ranks in the future other than Roman Reigns.

Cousin of Roman Reigns has his release granted

The Anoa’i family is one of the most prestigious clans in the wrestling industry with numerous professional wrestlers in the family including Roman Reigns, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa. There are many more including Hall of Famers but some are waiting to make their mark and slugging it out in the independent scene.

Lance Anoa’i is an American professional wrestler who wrestled under the same name in Major League Wrestling (MLW). He is the son of Samu who was one-half of The Wild Samoans and Lance has been a former MLW World Tag Team Champion too. He’s had multiple tryouts in WWE over the years and has been a part of their programming too but it seems like he might be returning to the Stamford-based company after a stint in the indie leagues. Fightful Wrestling has reported that the former MLW Tag Champs Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau have been granted their releases.

Fans fear for potential bolstering in Bloodline ranks

Roman Reigns has amassed well over 1,000 days as the Undisputed Universal Champion and it seems like there is no end in sight. A major reason for his reign has been due to The Bloodline’s support and ever-increasing numbers. It started with Jey Uso and then his brother Jimmy joined the ranks. Then Solo Sikoa was called up from NXT to join the stable and the addition of Sami Zayn took them to new heights.

Even though a lot has happened and The Bloodline has imploded since then, it seems like there are new members already ready to replace the void left. Zilla Fatu was rumored to join The Bloodline set-up, Paul Heyman was seen talking up Ava Raine on NXT, and with the releases of Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau, The Bloodline might become stronger than ever.

People who have been waiting for Cody Rhodes to finish the story might be waiting for disappointment as it might be an impossibility in the near future. Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns had a face-off for the first time in 6 months on SmackDown recently which might be teasing their likely rematch at WrestleMania 40.

Will more members in The Bloodline work well? Discuss in the comments.


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