Fans in shock after Logan Paul thanks animal sanctuary for rescuing his clout pig

Gentle Barn, a well-known animal refuge, recently rescued a pig named Pearl from the wild. Pearl happens to be Logan Paul’s long-lost animal companion. After rescuing Pearl, they immediately notified the internet sensation and asked for verification. Paul, on the other hand, expressed his gratitude to the folks who rescued the lost animal when he discovered the good news.

On Monday, after rescuing Pearl, Gentle Barn released a TikTok video that was purposefully filmed to inform the YouTuber-turned-wrestler and get his attention. Paul sent out a series of tweets thanking everyone responsible for the rescue. In this regard, the older Paul’s brother clarified that he lost his pig two years ago and thought it couldn’t possibly be found. But after witnessing the impossible, the 27-year-old expressed his greatest gratitude towards the members.

Paul soon reached out to the rescue team with an email. In the email, he mentioned, “It was just brought to my attention that a pig I owned nearly two years ago, Pearl, was rescued and rehomed by your organization.” “With every ounce of gratitude, I have, thank you. It’s shocking and heartbreaking to hear the state she was found in,” then he added. “I wanted to reach out personally and say thank you for taking her in.”

Gentle Barn later went on TikTok to explain the entire rescue event. They apparently discovered Pearl alone in a field next to another dead pig. Her ears were “mangled,” and she appeared to be suffering from a possibly fatal uterine infection. Gentle Barn went on to criticize how many online celebrities purchase “little pigs” or “teacup pigs” for the contents. However, as these pets grow in size, the owner abandons them or provides less care than before. This sort of attitude is highly confronted in the animal welfare community.



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