“This is not gonna end well” Former WWE star Mandy Rose is set to share her story on national TV sending fans into frenzy

Mandy Rose is attempting to draw all attention back to herself by promoting a possible future appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show.” Due to the late announcement, fans were left in the dark regarding Mandy’s wrestling career. Although the rumor about her being on other platforms has been quite a while on the surface of the internet. 

Since her suspension from WWE for breaking company policy, the current NXT women’s champion has made a few rash decisions. She has chosen to tell her story on national television for the time being. Fans are shocked and puzzled about the matter that happened with Mandy. Also asking the same question in response: What is going on with her? However, others are criticizing her for making such a brave move so quickly, claiming that she is doing so to make up for missed publicity.


Following the strange decision by the 32-year-old, many followers began to voice their thoughts on the topic on social media. Some believe she’s playing the victim in order to irritate WWE. Many people praised her bravery for making such a risky decision. In one word to sum up the reaction from social media about the issue would be “neutral.” Despite the fact that Mandy was signed by WWE for a five-year contract after finishing second in the WWE Tough Enough tournament.

To the broader public, the reasons for the television celebrity being called out for violating work policies were still somewhat hazy. Although her continuous uploads of prohibited content to her FanTime subscription page could be the cause. She was violating the company’s PG guidelines. She even made more than a million dollars on her FanTime page. Regardless of the difficulties, fans are eagerly anticipating her untold story in order to learn more about her career and character.



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