Mandy Rose’s fiance is a former Buccaneers player, check out which NFL teams he played for

Mandy Rose has been all over the news recently after she got fired from WWE owing to her borderline pornographic images released online. Wrestling fans, experts, fighters, and the media have been sharing their opinion on this matter. However, one key figure who barely comes into the discussion is Mandy’s Fiance Tino Sabbatelli.

Mandy has been in a relationship with former NFL and WWE NXT star Tino Sabbatelli since 2018. The couple first met in WWE’s Performance Institute and maintained their relationship all the way to 2022, then got engaged in September and began planning their marriage.


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Who is Tino Sabbatelli?

Sabatino Piscitelli a.k.a. Tino Sabbatelli is a former NFL player who later turned to pro wrestling. He joined the WWE in 2014 under the NXT banner. In his wrestling days, he formed a team with Madcap Moss and continued to wrestle for a while. During 2020, WWE was going through a budget cut and they decided to let go of Tino. He also performed for AEW under the persona of ‘Sabby’.

At the time of getting engaged to Mandy, the power couple launched a six-week body transformation program. After Rose got released, Sabbatelli showed support for his beloved on Instagram.

How was Tino’s NFL career?

Representing Florida, Sabbatelli had a short career that lasted from 2007 only to 2011. Sabbatelli started his career with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in ’07. He continued to play there for around 3 years and then got released. Then he played for another season representing the Cleveland Browns joining in 2010. His last signed club was Kansas city and he left that club and the sports for good in 2011.


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Fans have been furious with the way Mandy got released but the former NXT champ seems unfazed as she is making more money than ever from her Fantime account. We may never see her back in any wrestling promotions if her resources keep growing at this rate.

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