Successful NBA player Michael Jordan now a failure as $1.7 billion team’s owner

During Christmas, being unable to play, Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan again wears the tag of a ‘loser.’ The Hornets were the only team without a game on the most anticipated game night. For the past several years, they have been in the worst possible situation.

The owner, Michael Jordan, had a tremendous career and is widely considered the greatest of all time. During his two stints with the Chicago Bulls, he repeated the ‘three-peat,’ the rarest feat any player can achieve. This team performance also earned him a six-time NBA Finals MVP.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan’s second three-peat

How was his career at Washington Wizards?

Nonetheless, his track record as a business owner is far from stellar. His first stint as a director at Washington Wizards was a complete failure, resulting in his dismissal. Later, the legend revealed his regret regarding the decision of managing front office.

Later in 2006, Jordan bought a minor share of the Charlotte Bobcats and took part in management. In 2010, he became the majority shareholder of the franchise and gained full control. After everything, he wasn’t able to make any improvements in performance.

The Hornets only made it to the first round of the playoffs three times during the MJ era. it appears he has made the team even worse after taking the control. This season, the hornets are the 14th seed with a 9-25 record, and with two games left before the season ends, who knows if they will improve.

However, there is a positive sign in the fact that LaMello Ball, the former rookie of the year, was the team’s only NBA all-star last season. With a history producing good shooting guard, hornet really can build their hope around the youngster.

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