Watch: Viral video of students who have excessively long hair receive a thrashing with a stick at Khabib Nurmagomedov’s gym

Khabib Nurmagomedov had a fantastic UFC career as a mixed martial artist, but he hasn’t been far from his favorite sport since his shocking retirement. The undefeated champion is spending busy time coaching youngsters from his country. Recently, a video has been circulating on the Internet in which his students are thrashed for having long hair.

The Eagle has remained unbeaten throughout his career, and he has stated numerous times that it was not easy. To stay in shape, he had to live a very organized life. He adhered to a strict routine in order to always win. The Russian fighter is a firm believer that perfect practice leads to progress. This is exactly what he tries to instill in his gym in order for his students to perform better.

Recent footage from Khabib’s gym made it evident that discipline is a key component of his facility. He places a high value on discipline, thus he forbids the children from growing out their hair.

In the video, an instructor is seen inspecting the hair of a group of gym kids, and those who do not have a proper cut are beaten with a long stick. The sole purpose keeping a short hair is to keep them focused on their training and help them be a better fighter.

“In Khabib’s gym there is a haircut code that you can’t break. If you do, here is the punishment.” said SmeshMMA

It is great to see that the Russian UFC star is giving his time and energy to train some young kids who have the potential to be like him. If he believes that a proper haircut will help them train more effectively, he ensures that it happens.

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