Federal judge sets Marriott deadline to disclose surveillance footage of incident following Michael Irvin’s $100million lawsuit

This week, we may finally find out what happened the night a female Marriott employee complained about Michael Irvin. Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News reports that Irvin’s attorneys have asked Marriott to disclose footage from that night and that Marriott has a specific time to reply till 6:00 p.m. ET Tuesday.

While the court has set the deadline for 5 p.m., the attorneys for Marriott are under no obligation to deliver the video footage at that time. The attorneys’ duty is to just comply with the request.

Irvin’s $100 million lawsuit might be delayed even further if they respond by asking for extra time to gather the proof they need.

Before taking the issue to federal court, Marriott had first denied a request for the surveillance video. The lawyers withheld the footage on the grounds of attorney-client confidentiality and the work-product paradigm.

Irvin’s legal team would likely ask a court to order Marriott to turn over the recording if they again had objections to doing so.

Irvin’s description of the encounter, which he said was short and friendly, might be verified by camera evidence and eyewitness testimony.

The NFL Network removed Irvin from their coverage crew after receiving a complaint from a female guest at the Marriott in Phoenix during Super Bowl week. Because of the criticism, he also missed time on ESPN’s First Take.

Unfortunately, the hotel did not offer any information concerning the event that prompted the complaint, and Irvin’s lawyer has had to continue releasing comments to push them to provide film from that night. Levi McCarthern, the attorney, expressed his indignation at the evasion to the Dallas Morning News.

Advocate Levi McCarthern remarked to Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Gehlken, “I’m mad as hell that they’re hiding this stuff that is so relevant to my client’s livelihood,” He went on saying, “I think it is terrible they’re doing that. I don’t know what’s on the video. None of us have gotten to see it. But I sure think that, at a minimum, Michael has got a right to see the video.”

Irvin is taking legal action to restore his reputation and resume his profession in the media.



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