Female Eagle fan appeared in draft 2022 celebrates victory over cancer by twerking prompting NFL fans to go wild

The Philadelphia Eagles fans can celebrate another achievement as one of their own Amber Sarcone finally recovered from a rare type of bone cancer called Chondrosarcoma.

Throwback to the 2022 NFL draft, she was invited to the stage to make the 181st pick for the franchise and appeared on the stage with a pair of clutches. At that moment, the cancer cells were attacking her pelvis, knee, and femur and she couldn’t stand straight to announce the pick.

After almost one year she again reappeared in the headline recently after posting a video of herself on social media.

How is Amber Sarcone now?

The 32-year-old Eagles fan finally recovered from her cancer and was able to walk straight without any help. In a recent Twitter post she was seen walking from the hospital and throwing the cane off.

“Im a walking girl 😭😭😭😭 2 years cancer free and 400 days later. I made it!!!!!!!” she tweeted.

Sarcone became viral from her previous appearance on the NFL draft and the Eagles community is overjoyed at this amazing news of her. From now on she can enjoy a blessed life as an Eagles fan and attend games with full energy.

Do all sport related personel receive the same treatment as Amber Sarcone?

Normally we would expect regular athletes or athletics related personel to be fit physically. This also should imply that they fall victim to diseases less often. Unfortunately that is not the case at all as these people are often prone to life threatening injuries. Excess physical activity can have a negative effect on the health of anyone.

Sarcone was lucky she managed to walk away with good recovery. Recently Stephan Bonnar passed away after passing his last days in misery. Often when our beloved athletes fall ill, fans and organizations just leave them to pass, which is not a good practice at all.

We from SportsZion wish Amber a happy healthy life.

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