Seahawks QB Geno Smith responds to NFL fan’s fake stat taunt with epic comeback

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Geno Smith, finally made a breakthrough for the organization after joining from the Los Angeles Chargers in 2019 and was eventually awarded the comeback player of the year.

Signed as a backup, Geno couldn’t even get any game time until his second season with the Seahawks in Week 14. Although, he got his first start in 2021 after Russell Wilson got injured and started showing his talent in the position. In the last season, he started all 17 games, and the stats are shining beside his name.

However, a fan tried to mock him over social media, and he responded in an appropriate way to shut the person’s mouth off.

What did Geno Smith say?

The 32-year-old got pretty pissed off in a tweet where a user tried to mock him with a fake statistic, and he didn’t hold himself back from replying. “Quarters coverage. Tyler beats the double. DK takes his two defenders to the left. No luck involved; we did this all year and in this game right before halftime,” he wrote.

“It looks like a throw into coverage when in reality it’s just Tyler beating the double. Gotta know coverages,” the quarterback also added.

However, another one tried to pull a stunt by saying, “Your 43 INT-worthy throws certainly show your mastery of reading coverages.” But the completion percentage leader slams him by tweeting, “Not a real stat.”

Smith threw 30 touchdowns and made 11 interceptions with 4,282 yards of passing and a league-best 69.8% completion rate. It was the best season of his 10-year career, which propelled him into the Pro Bowl this year.

Geno was the starter in his New York Jets career from his very rookie season in 2013, but an injury in 2015 made him lose the position, and until this season, he couldn’t even grab a chance to get back on the starting roster.

With his experience and attacking prowess, the Seahawks are considering offering him a tempting deal as a contract extension. Until then, stay tuned to SportsZion for more updates.

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