How many tattoos Jake Paul have and what do they mean? Exploring Problem Child’s stories behind them

Jake Paul boasts a plethora of tattoos, some of which are more comical than others. Initially, the online personality inked himself as part of a dare or YouTube experiment. Over time, he has progressed to larger, more significant tattoo designs.

Recently, he added to his collection with a tattoo of a tiger and three butterflies above his ear. This new piece came after his wrestling triumph against Ben Askren, which marked his transition from YouTuber to wrestler.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul: tattoos & their meanings

Jake’s most sizable tattoo spans from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine, featuring an image of a sword entwined in a thicket of leaves and vines. Adorning the design is a banner that reads “To Live Ex Die.”

In a YouTube video dated 2018, he explained the meaning behind the phrase during the tattooing process.

Jake Paul
One of Jake Paul’s eleven new tattoos

“I’ve been saying it for a while now. ‘You live and you die by the sword.’ Kind of dark, but it’s true, like anything that’s like good in life that you live by and stuff, like you could also die from the same thing,” he explained.

“Also another reason why like, the sword on the back just like, makes sense because I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times in my life,” he added.

One of Jake’s significant tattoos is located on his right ribcage, starting with Chinese characters and reading, “FOR LOYALTY ‘HUMAN 656’ CLEVELAND, OHIO USA c.1997.” The tattoo serves as an ode to his roots and himself, as he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1997.

Additionally, he has several matching tattoos, which he received as part of dares or for YouTube challenges. One of these matching tattoos is the word “GOAT” on his thigh.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s $360K tattoo vanishes in fight vs Tommy Fury

Prior to his bout with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, Jake received a six-figure sum to get a tattoo. But it had vanished by the time he entered the ring.

Around ten days before the match, British DJ Charlie Sloth met with Paul following his pre-fight training camp in Dubai. Which he ultimately lost in a split decision.

Charlie Sloth, who co-owns Au Vodka with Charlie Morgan, the former Swansea ballboy kicked by Eden Hazard in 2013. He dared Jake to get a tattoo of the blue raspberry bottle on his right arm.

Sloth made the challenge to the YouTuber-turned-boxer after meeting with him following his pre-fight training camp in Dubai.

Jake accepted the challenge, and a YouTube video was posted last week depicting the two men sipping on the drink while a tattoo artist inked Paul’s right arm on a rooftop in Dubai.

The tattoo gained attention leading up to the fight, and fans expected Paul to display it proudly as he entered the ring.

However, keen observers noticed the absence of ink on his right arm. Leading to speculation about whether the tattoo was ever real or where it may have gone.

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