Ferrari takes page out of Red Bull’s book with sidepod upgrades ahead of Spanish GP

A number of Formula One teams have announced changes and upgrades to their vehicles ahead of the Spanish GP, and Ferrari has taken the headlines by storm by announcing upgrades that are extremely similar to those of rival Red Bull.


Ferrari look for upgrades for better performance

Ferrari is reportedly moving away from its in-wash sidepod concept in favor of a downwash design, similar to that used by Red Bull. The SF-23’s new sidepods are a complete redesign of its previous iterations.

In its search for an explanation for why its car is so fast on a single lap but so slow over the course of an entire race, Ferrari has decided to abandon its previous sidepod design concepts. The team has concluded that the drivers’ increased difficulty adapting to changes in grip and wind direction during races is due to the aero platform’s pronounced peaks.


Since the beginning of the year 2022, Ferrari automobiles have been recognizable by their “bathtub” shaped central section. In its place is NOW a horizontal upper surface that directs airflow into the diffuser section. The Red Bull team from Milton Keynes has used this concept to improve the RB19’s performance, and it has since been adopted by many other teams.

The water-slide gulley atop the bodywork of the Ferrari downwash ramp variant, like that of Alpine, Aston Martin, and Mercedes, directs air flow downward toward the rear section of the floor and the coke bottle region. Given its previous bathtub-like solution, this is hardly surprising, as Ferrari has extensive experience with surface contouring.

However, Ferrari has kept some of the original sidepod’s DNA, including the inlet, undercut, and S-shaped chassis duct, albeit with likely modified functionality.

Carlos Sainz shares his insights on impending change

Ferrari’s F1 driver, Carlos Sainz, was nothing short of impressed by the team’s effort to improve the car’s performance. 

“I think I cannot complain about the package we’re bringing here,” he said. “You cannot imagine the effort Maranello has put into trying to bring this package forward. It was supposed to come a lot later in the season, and the whole factory was just flat out these last few months because of the situation to try and bring it earlier.”

Ferrari’s changes will definitely impact their so-far solid performances as the season continues, but what do you think? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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