De La Hoya subtly jibes at WBC while criticizing middleweight champion Jermall Charlo’s dearth of title defence in two years

Oscar De La Hoya, the renowned boxing legend, has been relentless in his efforts to expose the injustice surrounding WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo’s prolonged absence from the ring, which has now surpassed two whole years. 

With steadfast determination, De La Hoya refuses to be silenced and continues to call out the responsible parties, albeit not explicitly mentioning the WBC. 

While he doesn’t shy away from casting the spotlight on influential figures like Al Haymon.

He cleverly implies their involvement in enabling Charlo’s convenient retention of the world title. 

Oscar De La Hoya takes a shot at Jermall Charlo for carrying the belt without any title defense

De La Hoya’s words resonate with a profound sense of dissatisfaction, highlighting the need for transparency and fairness within the boxing community. “Since when have you heard of a fighter hold on to a title for two years without making a defense and nobody’s saying anything about it?” Oscar De La Hoya said

“It’s unheard of. You should get stripped. No matter what the issues are, you’re still inactive so the rules and regulations of that particular organization, they should take a look at it carefully and literally come up with a new rule because it’s unheard of.  It’s not fair to any fighter that’s the #1 mandatory or who is the interim champion or whatever.”

Reason behind Charlo’s absence

Despite reports suggesting that Jermall has been grappling with personal issues that have kept him away from the boxing ring. It is intriguing to note that the WBC has not taken any decisive action. They have neither ordered Charlo to defend his title against mandatory challengers nor stripped him of the prestigious belt during his extended absence over the past couple of years. 

This leniency exhibited by the WBC can be interpreted as tacit permission, implicitly indicating that they have accepted Charlo’s hiatus as permissible within the realms of their regulations. Such a stance raises questions about the organization’s commitment to upholding the sport’s integrity and the welfare of its champions.

The absence of definitive measures from the WBC has fueled speculation and intensified the scrutiny surrounding this contentious issue. “It’s a shame that we would have to do that but if we have to do that, we do it, fight the very best. Look, this fight (Munguia vs Derevyanchenko) was made because nobody else is available.  Jaime Munguia wants to fight Charlo. He really wants to. And the fact that people are saying ‘well, the fight was offered’ — bullshit, it wasn’t offered. It was not offered and it was never gonna happen.”

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