Floyd Mayweather teaches rapper Blueface painful lesson while taking sly dig at his girlfriend during sparring session

The undisputed champion of boxing Floyd Mayweather attended a sparring session with the famous American rapper Blueface for a shoot of his documentary series with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock “Crazy in love.”

Considering the Rapper’s last opponent was a Tik Tok creator, it is safe to say that from fighting a Tik Tok creator to sparring with none other than Floyd Mayweather is a big upgrade.

Blueface has been trying to create a career in boxing as it seems to be a trend in the west, sparring with Floyd Mayweather will only bring more opportunities and recognition for his boxing career in the future.

Floyd Mayweather trolls Blueface

Floyd Mayweather recently sparred with rapper Blueface and landed some brutal shots. When asked about the skills of Blueface by Blueface himself, Floyd Mayweather replied “You gonna be okay”, and then proceeded to corner Blueface and land steel punches on the rapper.

 Mayweather responds to each punch Blueface tries to land on him with a resounding “No!” and cracked a smile on occasion. With his extensive efforts to make a career in the sport, it will surely not make him big as the likes of KSI, the Paul brothers etc. There are also big chances that the rapper might even call it quits early.

Floyd Mayweather shuts Blueface’s girlfriend

Floyd and Blueface were sparring for Blueface’s docuseries “Crazy in love” with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Rock was herself present at the sparring practice.

She stood by the ring and uttered “Get out of there baby, move around” and whenever Blueface landed a hand on Floyd’s body she hooted. Floyd replied “Stop stop, leave it alone, cheering don’t win fights, fighting do”, this turned out to be quite hilarious to the fans.

One fan as a reply to Floyd shutting Blueface’s girlfriend replied “She finna hop in and make him 50-1”, pointing out to the reference that Floyd boasts a boxing record of 50-0.

Do tell us your thoughts about Blueface’s skills, do you think he has that drive in him to become a pro boxer or do you think he will call it quits. Also do you think Floyd was foul for shutting Blueface’s girlfriend like that or was it hilarious?


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