Following Bloodline’s implosion WWE’s need for a dominant faction on SmackDown may end soon with MVP teasing the Hurt Business reunion

The wrestling landscape once witnessed the rise of The Hurt Business, a mesmerizing collective led by the enigmatic Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP).

And now, with MVP dropping tantalizing hints, the stage is set for a possible revival of The Hurt Business – a dynamic force that once captivated fans during the pandemic era.

Hurt Business

Hurt Business is the go-to option with Bobby Lashley on Blue brand

With Bobby Lashley as their undeniable star, and Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin as their loyal soldiers, the group held a vice-like grip on the Raw Tag Team and WWE Championships, leaving a trail of defeated adversaries in their wake. However, in a twist of fate, WWE chose to part ways with Alexander and Benjamin in 2021, leaving fans pondering the rationale behind this perplexing decision.

While a brief reunion occurred later that year, the flames were quickly extinguished. MVP shockingly turned his back on Lashley, favoring Omos in early 2023, seemingly marking the end of The Hurt Business. Although the members of the group continued to express a desire for a reunion in interviews, WWE considered it at the start of the year. Alas, it appeared that ship had sailed, lost in the depths of uncertainty.

WWE will need a heel faction with Bloodline’s impending dissolution

Or so we thought… Could it be that WWE, in a bid to avoid comparisons to Roman Reigns’ formidable faction, The Bloodline, has had a change of heart? In the aftermath of The Bloodline’s disintegration, the WWE universe hungers for a dominant faction on SmackDown.

As the Tribal Chief’s saga enters a new chapter, Triple H and his team may have decided to grant Porter the opportunity to reunite his band of warriors once more. The significance of MVP’s social media post should not be overlooked.

During the earlier hints of a Hurt Business reunion, rumors swirled about NXT champion Carmelo Hayes potentially joining the ranks. Is it a mere coincidence that Benjamin, Lashley, and Porter find themselves scouting at the Performance Center?

While Bobby recently found himself drafted to SmackDown, the remaining three members (including Omos) remain free agents. And let us not forget the recent influx of free agents making waves in NXT. Might this portend the arrival of anything significant?

MVP teases reunion posting on IG

In the shared photo, MVP stands shoulder to shoulder with Lashley and Benjamin, their unity palpable. A subtle hint at a reunion hangs in the air, tantalizing fans who yearn to witness the triumphant return of The Hurt Business. During its initial incarnation, The Hurt Business held a treasure trove of championship gold, with Lashley proudly brandishing the WWE Championship and U.S. Championship.

Benjamin, a force to be reckoned with, possessed the 24/7 Championship, while the RAW Tag Team Titles were secured firmly in the grasp of Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. As the wrestling world holds its breath, the echoes of The Hurt Business resonate once more. The potential reunion of this formidable faction has the power to reshape the landscape of WWE, injecting a much-needed dose of dominance and charisma into SmackDown.

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