Former Colts QB Andrew Luck’s Hall of Fame candidacy sparks heated Twitter debate among NFL Fans: “No chance”

The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck sent shockwaves among many NFL fans after suddenly announcing his retirement before the 2019 season. 2023 marked the five consecutive seasons the veteran star had been out of the scrimmage.

Luck will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024 and will likely join a number of notable former Colts including wide receiver Reggie Wayne and defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to earn the honor.

Andrew Luck to officially be eligible Hall of Fame in 2024

After being drafted by the Colts as the No. 1 overall pick, Andrew played six NFL seasons in seven years for the team from 2012-18 before retiring suddenly. The NFL Rookie Watch Twitter page tweeted the ex-NFL star would be eligible officially to be a Hall of Famer along with some of his phenomenal records.

Luck’s stats over his first six seasons in the NFL were mind BOGGLING. Luck had 171 passing TD’s (3rd all-time), trailing only Dan Marino and Patrick Mahomes. 23,671 passing yards (4th all-time), trailing only Peyton Manning, Marino, and Mahomes. 275.2 passing yards per game (3rd all-time), trailing only Matthew Stafford and Mahomes.

The former NFL star was a starting QB in 86 regular season games and 8 postseason games in Indianapolis, marking a potential reason behind him not being able to make it in on the first ballot. Several other stats would also come in the way like- he never won any Lombardi trophy, had no MVP title, and also never could lead the Colts team to a No.1 seed.

NFL fans debate over Andrew Luck winning Hall of Fame

A lot of the comments under the NFL Rookie Watch said Luck is not going to earn the Hall of Fame title.

A netizen said he has ‘no chance’.

Another user wrote the quarterback belongs to his favorite list, albeit he should be included in the NFL HOF.

A Colts fan said the former Colts star’s relatively short career would make the title unreachable to him.

A user highlighted his decision to retire earlier and questioned his commitment to the team.

Nevertheless, many netizens also came in support of the football prodigy.

A Twitter user wrote he would surely vote for Luck while mentioning how he moonlighted as a hero on the field despite having the least amount of talent around him than other star quarterbacks.

A fan heaped praise on the signal caller saying he loved watching the QB playing for his favorite team over the years, though the period was too short.

Whether Luck would make it to the HOF list or not, many fans will probably remember the incredible feat he achieved in a relatively short career.

Do you think the ex-Colts star can earn the Hall of Famer title?


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