Former F1 driver Damon Hill urges Max Verstappen to consider retiring amid format dispute

Max Verstappen’s extraordinary claim that he could quit the sport if the constant changes to the format continue led Damon Hill to admit that he thinks Verstappen is not relishing his time in Formula One.

Fernando Alonso
BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN – MARCH 05: Race winner Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull Racing (C), Second placed Sergio Perez of Mexico and Oracle Red Bull Racing (L) and Third placed Fernando Alonso of Spain and Aston Martin F1 Team (R) stand on the podium during the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on March 05, 2023 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

The current champion of the world made an exceptional statement. Stating that he may cease participating in Formula One if additional sprint races are introduced into the schedule. Hill remarked that Verstappen’s warning to depart was uncommon. But he comprehended the notion that one must relish the competition; otherwise, it can become a monotonous task.

The current season, with 23 races already planned, is poised to become the lengthiest campaign in Formula One’s past. But additional modifications may be imminent. Stefano Domenicali, the CEO, is enthusiastic about reducing the number of practice sessions throughout the season and replacing them with additional weekends dedicated to sprint races.


Max Verstappen Threatens to Leave Formula One Over Format Changes

Verstappen argued that the transformation of the customary three-day arrangement disrupts the “DNA” of the sport and renders race weekends excessively intense. Meanwhile, Hill, who won the World Championship in 1996, urged Verstappen to abandon the sport if he no longer finds pleasure in racing.

At the Australian Grand Prix weekend. Verstappen provided an explanation for his desire to depart from Formula One due to the upcoming alterations to the race weekend’s format.

Verstappen said ‘I hope there won’t be too many changes, otherwise, I won’t be around for too long. I am not a fan of it at all,’

He further added: ‘When we do all that kind of stuff. The weekend becomes very intense and we already do a lot of races. I understand they want to make every day exciting.

MONTREAL, QC – JUNE 09: Max Verstappen of the Netherlands driving the (33) Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB14 TAG Heuer on track during qualifying for the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on June 9, 2018 in Montreal, Canada. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

‘But they should reduce the weekend, and only qualify and race on Saturday and Sunday and make those two days exciting.

‘We’re heading into seasons where you have at one point 24, 25 races, because that’s where we’re going to head into and if we start adding even more stuff, it’s not worth it for me anyway. I’m not enjoying that.’

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