Former NBA star alleviates Ja Morant chronicles with “I actually shot a gun at somebody when I was in the NBA… I didn’t just show it, I actually shot it”

The NBA world has been rocked by yet another firearm controversy, with Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant at the center of it all. The young star’s misstep caused an uproar among fans and critics alike. Ja Morant came live on Instagram and showed a gun in front of everyone. Because of this act a lot of people have been criticizing and calling him out. But amidst the chaos, a surprising voice emerged – former NBA champion and analyst Stephen Jackson.

Jackson made headlines when he expressed his dismay at Morant’s counseling sessions. But he stunned the basketball community when he revealed his own brush with gun violence. He confessed to actually shooting someone during his time in the league.

What did Jackson say about his gun moment related to Ja Morant?

Ja Morant

During a recent appearance on the, I Am Athlete podcast, Jackson revealed, he was also once involved in such a case where he actually used the gun. 

Basketball fans were left stunned at this shocking revelation about his past. In an effort to alleviate the pressure and scrutiny faced by Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant, who had displayed a gun on social media, Arenas shared a startling admission – “I actually shot a gun at somebody when I was in the NBA… I didn’t just show it, I actually shot it.” 

The candid confession has sparked a heated debate about gun culture and responsibility in the NBA. The revelation was a shock to many, but it highlights the darker side of the NBA. Morant and Jackson are not the only ones who have faced gun-related incidents. Gilbert Arenas’ career almost ended when he was caught up in a similar altercation.

Need to address such issues!

Ja Morant

It is a sobering reminder that even though these players are celebrities and role models, they are also human beings who can make mistakes. It’s easy to criticize and judge from the outside, but it takes courage to admit your own shortcomings and advocate for others.

Some have praised Arenas for his honesty and openness, while others have criticized him for glorifying violence and contributing to a culture of fear and intimidation. Regardless of the opinions and debates surrounding this controversial topic, it is clear that the Ja Morant incident has brought the issue of gun safety to the forefront of the NBA’s collective consciousness.

It’s important to remember that these incidents are not isolated. They are a reflection of the society we live in and the gun culture that permeates it. It’s up to all of us, not just NBA players, to address this issue and find ways to create a safer world for everyone.

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