Ja Morant gun incident: Shocking details emerge of Grizzlies star’s wild party

The Memphis Grizzlies’ notorious point guard, Ja Morant, caught the unwanted negative attention of the NBA community after appearing live on Instagram with a gun while partying in a strip club named Shotgun Willie’s in Denver.

That wasn’t the first time he visited the club; just two days ago, he made himself known to the strippers and club owner while making an eye-popping gesture in the VIP lounge. From that earlier visit, Morant made sure his return to the club would be more extravagant than ever before.

However, after going viral, some shocking details came to light as a club insider leaked footage and information regarding the earlier visit of the Grizzlies star.

What did Ja Morant do on that night?

On March 2, the 23-year-old visited the club with a friend and a couple of bodyguards and ordered an expensive service, including hardcore lap dances, food and drink service.

He booked the VIP lounge for two nights and spent almost $50,000 on the first night, according to the club insider. “The whole room is full of money — it’s literally a pile. You’d need a rake,” the insider told

The dancer also received an unimaginable amount of tips for their service and said to one of their coworkers, “That took forever to count.” The New York Post managed to get their hands on the exclusive story and footage from that night.

ja morant
Ja Morant getting a lap dance in the strip club. (credit:NY Post)

Ja was at the club for at least three hours as per the booking he made, and the source described the details of that party: “He was there to party; he wanted some girls in the room. The music was very, very gangster… That’s a little excessive, but usually excessiveness is happening all the time.”

What did the club owner say about Morant?

Throwing and flashing those amounts of money can buy any club owner’s heart, as the Shotgun Willies owner happens to share his take from an entirely different perspective. “This kid, who was really young, was exceptionally respectful and sweet, and he did not drink… He’s marvelous,” the 72-year-old owner said.

However, the secret visit didn’t bring much joy or entertainment, it appears now as the girls became terrified of the gun he brought into the club. “He pulled the white boy excuse card: ‘I’m just going through a lot right now, so I’m going to act a fool and put other people’s lives at risk,” one of the dancers revealed.

ja morant
Ja Morant had live-streamed himself flashing a gun in the club’s VIP room.

On this note, the owner was reluctant to agree with his employees as he claimed there was no gun to see. The police did their part in investigating but didn’t file any charges against the teenager.

The NBA is still investigating from their end, despite the fact that the Grizzlies sanctioned a suspension and didn’t express any intention to bring him back on the court in the meantime.

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