Ja Morant reportedly spent $50k in tips at strip club where shocking gun incident took place

Ja Morant, a known point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, attracted unwelcome criticism from the NBA community after posting a live video on Instagram while partying in a Denver strip club called Shotgun Willie’s and brandishing a gun.

Two days prior to this stunt, he appeared for the first time at the club with a friend and a couple of bodyguards and decided to have a grand wild party. He flew with his team on the team flight to participate in the game against the Denver Nuggets and subsequently went to the club instead of resting for practice.

Recently, after a thorough investigation by the New York Post, a club insider agreed to share some details of Morant’s activity that night, which made the readers go bonkers.

What did Ja Morant do on that night?

On March 2, the 23-year-old went to the club after midnight and started flashing money everywhere extravagantly, which caught the insider’s eye. According to the club website, he booked two nights in the VIP lounge at the strip club and spent almost $50,000 on the first night.

On that first visit, he received an intimate hardcore lap dance from a couple of strippers and ordered expensive food and drinks. The source leaked footage of the VIP lounge, and the photos support the amount we already knew.

ja morant
Ja Morant getting a lap dance in the strip club. (credit:NY Post)

“The whole room is full of money — it’s literally a pile. You’d need a rake,” the insider told the reporters. Even one of the dancer’s coworkers, who revealed the tip amount, said, “That took forever to count.”

Ja reportedly spent three hours at the club and made sure of a second visit that exposed him to his recent notoriety. “He was there to party; he wanted some girls in the room. The music was very, very gangster,” as the source described the details of that party. “That’s a little excessive, but usually excessiveness is happening all the time.”

The NBA is still investigating from their end of the second night’s activity, despite the fact that the Grizzlies sanctioned a suspension and didn’t express any intention to bring him back on the court in the meantime.

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