Former NBA star JJ Redick lashes out at Dillon Brooks hater amid blockbuster move to Rockets: “Motherf**ker just signed for $80M”

One of the supporters of Dillon Brooks, the recently acquired forward for the Houston Rockets, is JJ Redick, a respected NBA pundit for ESPN and a former player. Redick is aware of Brooks’ substantial good contributions to the squad despite his prior controversy.

Redick showed his trust in Brooks on his podcast, “The Old Man & The Three,” highlighting how his toughness and wing defense will be very helpful to the young Rockets team.

JJ Redick’s Take on Dillon Brooks to Rockets

Dillon Brooks has received a lot of criticism and hostility in recent seasons, being known as one of the NBA’s most hated players. The 27-year-old wing has a reputation for being unpredictable and frequently tries to rile up rivals and start fights on the floor. Many people questioned his worth in this year’s free agency because of his actions during the Grizzlies’ Western Conference playoff defeat to the Lakers.

Despite the doubters’ reservations about Brooks, the Rockets bravely agreed to a hefty four-year, $80 million contract with him. Widespread criticism followed this decision, but JJ Redick, a former NBA sharpshooter, defended Brooks on his podcast, “The Old Man and the Three.” Redick defended Brooks and denounced people who had doubts about him.

Redick addressed the taunts Brooks had endured for a month, pointing out that the wing player had committed to a big $80 million contract. He lauded Brooks for his superior defense, his tenacity, and his disruptive playing style, saying that he himself would love a player like Brooks on his side,

“He’s a good player, a valuable player… I want a Dillon Brooks on my team. I want a disruptor, I want a guy that’s a pest, and I want a guy that can defend at his level. He’s an All-Defensive type player. You need those guys on your team,” Redick explained. “Motherf***er just signed for $80 million. Sorry for the language, but he just signed for $80 million.”


Despite the unfavorable press that Brooks has gotten, Redick’s backing demonstrates the value that Brooks brings to the table. He is considered a valuable asset in the league thanks to his defensive prowess and toughness, which probably justifies the Rockets’ investment in him.

Can Brooks lead the Rockets to NBA success?

Dillon Brooks earned a berth on the 2023 NBA All-Defensive Second Team after establishing himself as one of the best wing defenders in the NBA. Brooks demonstrated his defensive brilliance last season while playing for the Grizzlies, who had offensive inconsistency. With the Memphis Grizzlies, he had an average of 14.3 pts, 3.3 rebs, 2.6 assists, and 0.9 steals per game.

Brooks seems to have the ability to spur development as he joins the youthful Rockets, a group that battled defensively and placed 14th in the Western Conference. He might be a key player in helping the Rockets achieve success in the NBA because of his defensive prowess and determination.


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