Former NFL GM Michael Lombardi severely criticizes Trey Lance when 49ers QB’s future is in doubt: “Didn’t have that quarterback instinct”

Trey Lance is still fighting to solidify his name in the league and to win the quarterback spot with the 49ers. But it seems like the NFL world is not ready to accept him. He has become one of the most criticized quarterbacks since Week 1 of the preseason games. 

Former general manager Michael Lombardi also offered a strong take on Lance, not only criticizing his performance in the preseason game but also making the brutal claim that the 23-year-old didn’t have a quarterback instinct. 

Michael Lombardi Brutally blasts 49ers’ Trey Lance “won’t win the backup QB spot”

The San Francisco 49ers have three quarterback options, Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold, and Trey Lance. Lance will be the last choice of the team as the quarterback is inexperienced and has played only in eight games across two seasons.

Recently, he was given the chance to play in the preseason game against the Raiders, but his performance wasn’t up to the mark. He only made one touchdown and ended the game with a very low passer rating. After this game, he was called the lowest-graded offensive player.

Trey Lance

The GM Michael Lombardi recently talked about Trey Lance’s performance in The GM Shuffle Podcast stating that he’s making things difficult for the team.

“As you go down this road with Lance, it just becomes harder and harder and harder.”

Lombardi made a brutal claim that the 23-year-old doesn’t have the abilities that are required for a quarterback. 

“And you can show all the clips of him moving and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, when his momma lifted him from the crib, he just didn’t have that quarterback instinct.”

The GM also believes that Trey Lance will never get the backup quarterback spot with the 49ers. 

“He is not going to be the backup quarterback. I don’t know what they’re going to do with him. But there is no chance; there is no chance. Based on the evidence that I’ve seen and based on what I’ve heard.”

To some extent, Lombardi’s words are true. With talented quarterbacks Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold available on the roster of the 49ers, they will never consider moving to Lance. The only way he can get the backup quarterback spot is if Purdy or Darnold are out of the game for some reason.

Kyle Shanahan’s dazzling respond to to the 49ers QB issue

The quarterback situation of the team is confusing as the top choice of the team, Brock Purdy is injured. But when the head coach of the team Kyle Shanahan was asked about the situation his answer was quite clear and confident.

Trey Lance

Kyle Shanahan told Albert Breer that “Brock Purdy would have to melt in practice to lose the starting job.” The coach believes that Purdy would have to be really bad in practice to lose his starting position which means the coach has already decided that Purdy will be the starting quarterback of the team.

The claim is quite shocking considering the Purdy’s injury and surgery but is still acceptable. Compared to Lance, Purdy is more experienced and talented. Last season he also helped lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship. Therefore, Shanahan has more confidence in Brock Purdy’s skills compared to Trey Lance.

It appears that Michael Lombardi’s assertion that Lance will never get a backup quarterback spot holds merit. The team’s first and second choice will be Purdy and Darnold. Let’s wait for the start of the regular season to find out what will be the team’s final decision and whether Trey Lance will be able to get the backup quarterback spot or not.

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