Is Trey Lance trade one of the worst in NFL history? Exploring NFL analyst’s shocking claim

Trey Lance the young quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is entering his third year in the NFL. However, he still has plenty of questions surrounding him. Different analysts and sports personalities have been talking negatively about the quarterback criticizing his performance and talents. Especially, after his performance in the preseason game against the Raiders, he has been brutally criticized.

Marcus Spears, an NFL analyst, also shared his stance on the quarterback calling his contract with the 49ers the worst trade in NFL history. People have been criticizing the quarterback, but no one took this strong jab at him. Marcus has made a very strong statement by calling his contract the worst trade.

Marcus Spears labels 49ers’ Trey Lance trade as one of the worst

Trey Lance is still competing for the backup quarterback spot with Sam Darnold. During the first preseason game, the coach gave the young quarterback a chance by letting him play for one-half of the game.

However, the quarterback ended the first half with only one touchdown and a low passer rating. Kyle Shanahan still chose to praise the quarterback and appreciated his effectiveness and decisiveness on the field. But other people in the NFL including former GM Michael Lombardi brutally criticized him stating that he didn’t have quarterback instinct. 

Trey Lance

Now, Marcus Spears has also joined the list of Lance critics. He said that the team is stuck in a very hard position with Lance, and he can become one of the worst draft trades in NFL history. 

“Look, they’ve got a terrible situation on their hands with Trey Lance. This may go down as one of the worst trades in the draft in the history of the NFL.”

Spears also highlighted that the HC of the team has worked so creatively on the offense of the team that Lance’s poor performance doesn’t affect their performance. 

“The fortunate part is Kyle Shanahan has done such a phenomenal job of getting this team ready to play and being so creative offensively that it hasn’t shown in the win-loss column. But you lost a lot by going up and getting Trey Lance.”

Marcus believes the team has made a wrong decision by choosing Trey Lance. They lost a lot for him and got nothing in return. 

When did Trey Lance join 49ers?

The 23-year-old was selected third overall by the 49ers in the 2021 NFL Draft. He spent his first season as the backup quarterback of the team. In 2022 the team gave him the position of starting quarterback but unfortunately, he suffered an ankle injury because of that he couldn’t play.

This season, the quarterback is not only fighting for the position of starting quarterback but also for the backup quarterback. The 49ers’ starting quarterback is Brock Purdy and most likely they will choose Sam Darnold as the backup quarterback. Hence, the future of the 23-year-old with the team remains uncertain. 

Trey Lance

When Trey Lance joined the 49ers, Shanahan expected him to become a crucial and valuable part of the offense. But the injury and other factors didn’t allow the quarterback to prove his worth. To acquire Lance the team had to abandon three first-round picks. It’s been three years now and the quarterback has still not made any difference for the team. 

Considering these factors, we can say that Marcus is right to call the young quarterback one of the worst drafts in NFL history. But there is still a chance for Lance to work on himself and come back stronger on the field to prove his doubters wrong and cement his name in the league. 

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