After Floyd Mayweather proposed to Leigh Wood to defend his belt against his 17-year-old prospect, WBA champ delivers befitting reply to boxing icon

Winning his pro debut against Chuck Jones and then going on a winning spree for 10 more matches, Leigh Wood aka “Leigh-thal” has been a favorite among the fans. He has multiple achievements to his name, including the Commonwealth featherweight title in 2019, and the British featherweight title in 2021, and is currently the WBA World Featherweight Champion.

The British fighter has a considerable amount of fight IQ and is always quick to figure out the flow of the fight and the weaknesses of his opponent. He has a precise jab and follows them up pretty quickly with straights and hooks to not lose control of the flow. He is quick on his toes and his fighting style reflects the technical depth that he possesses.

Leigh Wood claps back at Floyd Mayweather

After Floyd made a bold comment, calling “Leigh-thal” to fight a 17-year-old from his promotional company, Wood snapped back without wasting any time and expressed his interest in fighting the retired champion himself. Mayweather’s callout was completely meant to set up a debut match for the promising prospect, but Leigh had something else planned altogether.

The British fighter replied to the callout by saying, “Floyd, you’re closer to my age than your prospect is to me”. He has always had a dream of fighting at the City Ground Stadium at Nottingham. In his reply, “Leigh-thal” also said, “I’ll give a few lbs away to dance with a great, you ever been to the City Ground?”.

Therefore, he made it painfully clear that he has no interest in fighting any amateur but rather is ready to throw hands with the legend at any given time.

Floyd Mayweather calls out Leigh Wood

Recently, the undefeated retired legend Floyd Mayweather called out Leigh Wood. After retiring, Floyd has taken on the role of a promoter and founded ‘Mayweather Promotions’ where he signs young talents who deserve attention and promotes them officially.

Floyd wanted Leigh to face a 17-year-old from his Mayweather Promotions roster. The young prospect’s name is Curmel Morton and Floyd has boldly stated that he could be the “next Mayweather”. The fact that he is 17, means that he has not yet made his pro debut.

Floyd’s callout went something like this – “Leigh Wood – I’ve got a 126lber Curmel Moton that would be a good match now. He’s turning professional. We take chances to be great. Eddie Hearn is a good businessman, and I’m a good businessman. Our guy is 0-0; we’ll take the fight. I’ll put all the money up for both sides. My guy’s 17, he’s destined to be great.

Despite being an amateur, Morton already has quite a number of achievements on his name. He is eighteen times US national champion and the United States’s number one ranked amateur. He has also acted as a sparring partner for Gervonta Davis while Davis was preparing for his Ryan Garcia bout.

Do you think Floyd would ever step back into the ring? Do you think Leigh Wood will take up the offer of fighting this promising amateur and agree to be his debut opponent? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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