Frank Vogel criticizes LA Lakers on being fired: “I haven’t been told s**t”

After a disappointing 33-39 season, Los Angeles Lakers got eliminated from the playoffs and the head coach Frank Vogel (48), seems to be in the front seat of this ordeal. Right after the match, authorities announced the dismissal notice of the professional basketball coach, and the former HC had no idea about the whole situation.

Frank Vogel kept his cool the whole time

This title-winning coach for the Lakers formerly coached two other famous NBA teams- Indiana Pacers, and Orlando Magic. Despite the fact that his contract was renewed until 2022-2023, the Native American coach was fired since his club did not qualify for the playoffs.

Many believe that having LeBron James and other future Hall of Famers on the sidelines due to injury is to blame for their poor performance, but it was Vogel that took the biggest blow.

When asked about the firing rumors, Vogel said he didn’t know anything about it and didn’t point any fingers. He’d be enjoying the game and congratulating his players, and he’d be thinking about ‘Tomorrow’ the next day.

Vogel and the Lakers have parted ways, and the news itself created quite a controversy. Even after the untimely dismissal, the Lakers paid tribute through Twitter, thanking him for his contribution to the team. Some believe this PR stunt is questionable and is serving just to cover up the awkward miscommunication within the team management.

The former head coach drove the team to showcase a masterclass performance in 2020 that led to the Lakers winning the 17th Championship, tying themselves with the Boston Celtics to earn the title for most wins in the history of the NBA. 

General Manager Rob Pelinka stated that they have no immediate plans to replace the previous HC. However, rumors have claimed that they are interested in a number of prominent names, including Toronto’s Nick Nurse, but the validity of this is yet to be confirmed.


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