Draymond Green Is “A Hall of Famer” Golden State Warriors HC Steve Kerr Admires His Power Forward Post Playoffs Opening Day Win over Nuggets

Golden State Warriors triumph over Denver Nuggets, Draymond Green and team lauded after perfect start to playoffs!

The 3 time NBA All-Star, Draymond Green has been touted by GSW Head Coach Steve Kerr to become a hall of famer in the future. Kerr, who has always held the power forward in high praises had only positives to say about him after a stellar performance against the Nuggets in a successful outing during the first day of the playoffs.

The Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets 123-107 with Draymond Green racking up 9 assists and 12 points in total. Ace Point Guard Steph Curry returned from a foot injury to feature in the match. The Golden State Warriors lead 1-0 in the series overall.

With an outstanding performance from Green and the team in high spirits, The Warriors are looking like the team to beat in this season’s playoffs!


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