“Gerard Pique…. Feminism” Pornstar Mia Khalifa hilariously trolls the Spanish Centre-back amidst split with Shakira

Mia Khalifa, the ex-adult entertainer, came to the limelight after her hysterical twittes on Spanish defender Gerard Pique who recently seen abandoned from his own house after issues with Shakira.

Mia, the Lebanese-American versatile celebrity, has been involved in sports commentary alongside other related activities since calling off her career as a professional porn-star. She is famous for criticizing other celebrities in the social media.

Pique’s long time girlfriend Shakira who is also a Colombian celebrity music artist, had seen trolled by Khalifa over her activities during the Beirut explosion on 2020.

Mia Khalifa condemned the Colombian singer for not doing more humanitarian campaigns during the explosion despite both of them have Lebanese roots. Mia then recently trolled Gerard by quoting, “Pique………Feminism”


Ever since Gerard Pique and Shakira became an official couple, fans around the world were waiting for their marriage news but it was Shakira who once told the press that she would never pressurize Pique for tying the knot but to stay by his side for the betterment of their children.

On the other side, Mia got married to a Chef named Robert Sandberg and they spent two year together before splitting up on the middle of 2021. It would be another thing that might trigger her recent comment on Pique’s relationship.

Social media became hyped after all the rumors and stories regarding the Pique-Shakira duo. While Mia’s twitter post had come as a rub of salt in the wound for Pique as he was seen ringing the door bell at his own home in Spain. 

It is still unclear whether Khalifa really cared for Shakira on the Pique issue or just dropped a media bluff on which she might be an expert after her first appearance as a sports commentator since calling off her porn career.         


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