“I’m more of a disciplinary parent” former New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross & wife Sanya candidly discuss parenthood struggles

Former NFL star and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Ross and Olympic Gold medalist Sonya Ross was in “The Pivot Podcast”. Aaron Ross and Sonya Ross sit down with Ryan, Channing and Fred as the first couple of the show. 

The sports couple had a conversation filled with impactful moments of each’s celebrated sports career, ups and downs and also about their parenting life. Aaron and Sanya discussed how becoming parents changed their respective lives and how it created an impact over their sports career.

The former CB for the Giants admits that he is more of a disciplinary parent rather than being strict, the former football star saying so indicates his wife Sanya. According to him he thinks the way of his parenting is like teaching someone as the NFL star continues:

“Having a boy I’m constantly teaching and raising a man”

Sanya on the other hand as told by Aaron is like his mom and he believes it to be what is called “strict parenting”. Aaron and Sanya couple had a relationship for over 19 years, and Sanya candidly shares her struggle as a mother, sometimes with a little bit of blame.

Surprisingly unlike most of the guys, Aaron seems to agreed with her wife but in a hilarious way though, ensuring it doesn’t go beyond fun. Indeed these two shares a good conjugal life which we can see through in a twofold way, both from their professional career and also from their personal relation.

19 years of togetherness must have taken a lot of love, compassion and sacrifices. Sanya has retired from the athletics is now a part of the 14th season of Real Housewives of Atlanta series that is airing now and the two talk about how they have embraced the show and found a way to become closer through it.


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