Haywood Highsmith car accident: what happened to the Heat forward?

Concerning reports have emerged regarding the Heat forward Haywood Highsmith, leaving NBA fans concerned. Highsmith was notably absent from Tuesday’s game, as the Miami franchise ruled him out for personal reasons.

The reason became clear after a report of an accident surfaced. Highsmith has survived the ordeal unscathed but the same cannot be said about other personnel involved in the accident.

Haywood Highsmith car accident details emerge

As announced by the team, Haywood had a car accident on Tuesday on his way back home after the 121-95 win against the Orlando Magic, where he played for 3 minutes. The team ruled him out against the San Antonio Spurs officially declaring “due to personal reasons.”

Later the franchise stated, “We have been made aware that Highsmith was involved in a car accident heading home from last night’s game. Highsmith is listed as out for tonight’s contest against the San Antonio Spurs due to Personal Reasons. Our hearts go out to those who were injured.”

According to local reporter Andy Slater, the forward did not sustain any injuries, but unfortunately, a man was struck by his vehicle and is currently in critical condition. The incident occurred when a driver experienced difficulties and became stranded in the middle of the road. The injured individual was assisting the driver when he was hit by the Heat player’s vehicle, resulting in serious injuries and a partial leg amputation.

The Miami Heat have expressed their condolences for the injured party, but no additional details have been disclosed at this time.

How has Highsmith played this season?

Haywood Highsmith has not been given much playtime this season and has averaged 5.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.1 assists in 37 games. The 27-year-old has made 37% of his shots from the three which has increased from the last season (34%).

He was provided 3 minutes in the last game he played against the Magic in which he could not make any changes in his stats. In his absence, the Heat won over the Spurs by 116-104.

This season marks his last of the 3-year contract he signed with the Miami Heat. The 13th best paid player of the team has a contract worth $3,945,742 which is ending this summer. It is hard to predict when he will come back in action as it is certain that he will be involved in the accident investigation that will soon follow.

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