“He thinks he’s Stephen Curry”: NBA fans throw dig at Warriors’ star Jordan Poole’s failed shot attempt in Game 1 vs Lakers

NBA fans were quick to throw shade at Warriors guard Jordan Poole following his failed three-point attempt in Game 1 against the Lakers. Poole had been having a strong game, scoring 21 points and dishing out 6 assists, but it was his last shot that drew the most criticism.

Dubbed as “He thinks he’s Stephen Curry” by some fans, Poole attempted a deep three with only 10 seconds remaining in the game, despite his team only trailing by three points. The shot missed badly, and fans immediately took to social media to criticize the young guard’s decision-making.


Many felt that Poole should have passed the ball to a teammate or tried to get a better shot, rather than attempting a low-percentage shot from beyond the arc. Some fans also pointed out that Poole’s attempt was reminiscent of Curry, who is known for his ability to hit difficult shots from long range.

Despite the criticism, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr defended Poole’s decision to take the shot, citing his strong performance throughout the game. Kerr also pointed out that Poole had hit six threes in the game and had a clean look on his final attempt.

While some fans may have been disappointed with the outcome of the game, it’s clear that Poole’s confidence and willingness to take big shots could be a valuable asset for the Warriors in the playoffs.

Darvin Ham’s Defensive Play on Jordan Poole Pays off in Lakers vs. Warriors Game 1

Assistant coach Darvin Ham’s emphasis on defense paid off in the closing seconds of the Lakers vs. Warriors Game 1. With the Warriors down by three and only nine seconds left on the clock, Ham made sure that someone got a hand up on Jordan Poole’s potential game-tying shot. Ham’s coaching led to Jarred Vanderbilt making a clutch defensive rotation and getting a hand up on Poole’s shot, ultimately securing the Lakers’ 117-112 victory.

While Ham was not as close to Poole as the angle may have suggested, his coaching and leadership by example were crucial in securing the win. Earlier in the game, Ham was heard on a mic’d up segment instructing his team to play defense with their hands up and avoid fouling.

In a game that came down to the slimmest of margins, Ham’s coaching could be the difference between a heartbreaking collapse and a crucial win for the Lakers. Though it is unclear whether or not Ham’s actions are allowed by the league, it is unlikely that he or the team will face fines.


Ham’s defensive coaching and execution were pivotal in securing the Lakers’ Game 1 victory, and his leadership will continue to be a valuable asset as the team looks to capture homecourt advantage and claim a 1-0 series lead against the Warriors.


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