“He’s a hell of a player” Kawhi Leonard applauds Lakers’ LeBron James’ splendid performance vs Clippers

On Tuesday night, the LA Lakers and LA Clippers faced off in an intense game that ended with the Clippers coming out on top.

Despite the loss, Lakers star LeBron James had a spectacular performance, scoring 46 points and achieving the milestone of having a 40-point game against every team in the NBA.

However, it was the Clippers’ star player, Kawhi Leonard, who ultimately helped lead his team to victory.

When asked about how the Clippers were able to sustain James’ impressive performance, Leonard credited the team’s ability to stay composed and play together.

He said, “He’s a hell of a player. He’s gonna make runs like that, play games like this, so we just sustained it. Kept it even keel, our heads level, and just kept moving.”

Leonard himself had a solid game and is starting to come back to his level of play before he suffered an ACL injury.

Visual representation of LeBron James killing it against the Clippers despite his team’s loss.

The Clippers are starting to come together as a team and much of it is due to Leonard’s recent play. For weeks now, Leonard has been trending upward and his performance in this game only solidified that fact. He and Paul George were able to lead the team to a third consecutive win, despite James’ dominant performance.

Even though the Lakers lost the game, James’ performance was not one to be overlooked. He has achieved a remarkable milestone, having a 40-point game against every team in the NBA.

Despite the loss, Leonard was complimentary of James and acknowledged his impressive performance. He said, “He’s a hell of a player” and spoke about how the Clippers were able to withstand his explosion. The game was a showcase of two of the best players in the league, and it was a thrilling experience for basketball fans.



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