“He’s not the only one that’s lost their cool” Hawks HC Quin Snyder reluctant to chime in on Trae Young’s ball-throwing action at ref

The Atlanta Hawks scored a victory of 143-130 over the Indiana Pacers, but Trae Young was ejected from the game for throwing the ball at an official with force. Hawks Head Coach Quin Snyder expressed his reluctance to comment on the incident. However, he admitted that Young’s action was unacceptable, and the player himself acknowledged his mistake.

Young’s team won the game against the Pacers, but the player himself didn’t see the end of it. He was ejected for throwing the ball at an official with force, and this action led to his disqualification. After the game, Snyder spoke to reporters about the incident, admitting that Young made a mistake and that he had told him that he couldn’t make that play.

Why Did Snyder Express Reluctance to Comment on the Incident?

Despite the seriousness of the incident, Snyder was reluctant to comment on it, stating that Young was not the only player to have lost his cool during the game. He acknowledged that frustration could get the best of players at times, but he emphasized that it was crucial for players to maintain their composure during such moments.

How Did Snyder React to Young’s Ejection?

Snyder expressed concern about Young’s ejection and the technical fouls he had received, which put him one step away from an automatic suspension. He noted that the team needed Young and that they could not afford to lose him during the Play-In Tournament chase.

He acknowledged that it was difficult to control emotions during intense moments, but he stated that the team would work with Young to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The Impact of Young’s Ejection

The Hawks are 3-5 without Young this season, and losing him during the regular season’s final eight games could have devastating consequences. However, the good news is that if the Hawks reach the postseason, the counter resets. The win against the Pacers was crucial for the Hawks’ playoff hopes, and it made Young’s ejection an easier pill to swallow.

It is worth noting that Young’s ejection came just after he suggested on Instagram that officials should be subject to fines like players. He stated that officials should not receive “we missed it” passes, indicating his frustration with the referees’ performance.

Quin Snyder spoke up about Trae Young’s ball-throwing incident, admitting that the player had made a mistake. He acknowledged the difficulty of controlling emotions during intense moments but stressed the importance of maintaining composure. Losing him during the regular season’s final games could have devastating consequences, but the win against the Pacers helped the team’s playoff hopes.

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