WATCH: Hawks’ Trae Young gets ejected over launching ball at ref vs Pacers

During Saturday’s matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and the Indiana Pacers, Trae Young was kicked out of the game in the third quarter for an incident that occurred. 

With the score tied at 84, Young became agitated with the game’s officiating and threw the ball at an official in frustration. He received an immediate technical foul and ejection for his actions.

The technical foul was particularly significant because it marked Young’s 15th of the season. And players were automatically suspended for one game after accumulating 16 technical fouls. After every two additional technical fouls beyond 16, another game suspension is added. Both Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks have been suspended this season for reaching 16 technical fouls.

Details of the incident 

Trae Young

During the third quarter of the game at State Farm Arena, Trae Young received an offensive foul call on a 3-point shot from the logo. Following Tyrese Haliburton’s 3-pointer on the other end, the Hawks called a timeout. And Young’s frustration lingered. In a fit of anger, he slammed the ball down once. He threw it back toward the official instead of just handing it over. The ball hit the official, leading to Young’s immediate ejection.

Young’s 15th technical foul of the season followed shortly after. It brought him one step closer to the one-game automatic suspension. Young managed to score 14 points and 5 assists in his 21-minute game time.

Despite Young’s ejection with the game tied, the Hawks surged forward in the fourth quarter, ultimately taking a 13-point win. John Collins led the way with 21 points, and Dejounte Murray added 20 points and 12 rebounds. Clint Capela finished with 17 points and 17 rebounds.

Indiana’s Jordan Nwora contributed 33 points and 7 rebounds off the bench. Haliburton finished with 19 points and 13 assists.

How will Trae Young’s suspension affect the Hawks?

Trae Young

This season has been a trying one for Young, with the Hawks currently holding a 37-37 record. They are falling short of preseason expectations. A disagreement between Young and former head coach Nate McMillan received significant media attention. It ultimately leads to Quin Snyder taking over as Atlanta’s coach.

Although the Hawks currently hold the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference, they are in a close race with the Toronto Raptors, trailing by one game, and the surging Chicago Bulls, trailing by 1.5 games.

Last season, the Hawks required the play-in tournament to make the playoffs, and they may require it once more this season. If Young were to be suspended between now and the season’s conclusion, Atlanta’s already slim chances of making the playoffs would be significantly reduced.

As the Hawks continue to navigate the rest of the season, Young’s temper and on-court conduct will undoubtedly be under intense scrutiny.

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