Conor McGregor soughts to wrap up his career in UFC: “I wish to be with this company for the rest of my career”

Conor McGregor is probably the biggest sensation in the UFC, making headlines on and off the octagon. Despite having a tumultuous relationship with the promotion, the Irish maverick intends to finish his MMA career with this promotion.

‘Notorious’ has two fights left in his current contract. If things go according to the plan, and McGregor fights twice this year, then he will be a free agent from 2024. However, he has insinuated that he may continue with this promotion as long as he wants to engage in brawls in the octagon.

McGregor hailed UFC as the “pinnacle”. Expressing his love for the company, he claimed that he had no intention of engaging in exhibition boxing matches or working with any other promotions, just for the greens.

The former two-division champion said that his visions were set on building a highlights reel in the UFC. The already rich fight catalog can further be enriched if the company allows him to.

Expressing his earnest gratitude towards UFC, McGregor cited that the promotion came to his aid at the direst of times in his life. For the life-changing experience, McGregor feels indebted to the company, “I wish to be with this company for the rest of my career. I hope we can continue.”

Conor McGregor feels Ngannou made an error

His love for UFC made McGregor question Francis Ngannou’s decision to discontinue his journey with the company. Ngannou ended his relationship with UFC on a bitter note. The former heavyweight champion is yet to sign with any other promotions. However, Ngannou, in McGregor’s opinion, was “ungrateful” to UFC.

Ngannou suffered a horrible knee injury, after which he carried out a rehabilitation process at the UFC performance center. McGregor fired shots at Ngannou bringing up that very fact. He mentioned that Ngannou enjoyed all equipment and services at his disposal, free of cost.

This is why, McGregor felt that Ngannou was at fault in this particular case, for not acknowledging the contribution of UFC. Ngannou made an error by leaving UFC, rather than attempting another title fight – is what McGregor believes. However, McGregor wishes him well in his future endeavors.

Conor McGregor


Ngannou on the other hand, hinted at a boxing match against Deontay Wilder, before returning to the octagon, with a different promotion. On the other hand, McGregor is set to return to UFC octagon this year against Michael Chandler. He already had a showdown with Chandler in season 31 of TUF this year.

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