“His game is special and rare” Saints’ star passionately defends Lamar Jackson after Falcons owner questions QB’s durability

When it came to trading Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens had already expressed their reluctance, and the Atlanta Falcon’s owner had done the same because of the quarterback’s recent decreased performance and injury concern. However, Tyrann Mathieu recently responded on Twitter in support of Jackson’s injury worries.

Lamar Jackson says in tweet he's suffered grade 2 PCL sprain – WKRG News 5

Lamar expressed an earlier desire to play for the Ravens, but it appears the team is no longer considering the QB. Jackson believes the Ravens undervalued him, despite the coach’s claims that he tried his best to downplay the news of Jackson’s request for a trade.

Why did the Falcons’ coach show less interest in Lamar Jackson?

At the time of explaining the reason for the Falcons’ lack of interest in the quarterback, Arthur dragged up a statistic about Jackson’s injury. There are worries that the dual-threat QB’s rushing, which causes him to be tackled more frequently than most players in his position, could be harmful to his long-term health, according to Blank.

Since the quarterback has only participated in 12 games over the last two seasons, some teams that might be interested in signing him may be hesitant to do so because they are unsure if he can play the way he prefers to play.

“There’s no question (Lamar Jackson) is one of the top QBs in the league… looking at it objectively, there is some concern about whether or not he can play his style of game for… how long that can last. Hopefully a long time… but he’s missed five, six games each of the last two years.”

How did Mathieu support Jackson’s situation?

Tyrann did not take the Falcon’s owners’ comments well and indirectly responded to him. The 26-year-old still has the ability to play for a team and help him win, according to Mathieu, even though Jackson is not in his previous form right now. The New Orleans Saints star referred to LJ’s game as “his game is special and rare” in order to make a point about how important Lamar’s ability to make plays in the rushing game is to all teams that have doubts about the QB’s ability to play.

“This man (Jackson) got hurt twice inside the pocket. I’ve never seen anyone tackle him with a heavy hit in space, his game is special and rare. I have never seen this guy take a hit when running and not get up immediately(he owns a mean stiff arm. When he hurt himself it was inside pocket,” the safety posted on Twitter.

In just 63 career games, Jackson became the fastest quarterback to accumulate 4,000 career rushing yards, and he had a strong desire to help the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

 Some are pointing to Jacksons’ ability and some are defending him, what is your opinion?


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