Hours after hailing OSU mastermind, LeBron James shares 3-word response to Usher report

LeBron James was quick to show his love for his home-town team after the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Notre Dame 17-14 in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. The NBA icon has also reacted to Usher’s coming appearance at Super Bowl LVIII.

While Rihanna rocked the stage in the 2023 Super Bowl, the Texan rapper is now set to perform in the next Super Bowl edition. Followed by a heavily intense match, LeBron added to his Instagram story about his hometown team winning and Usher being selected to perform on the big stage of the Super Bowl.

LeBron James reacts to Usher’s Super Bowl news

As the NFL has recently announced, USHER will be performing at halftime of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. LeBron James reposted it on his Instagram story to show support for the R&B singer.

Usher live performance
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While the media may have mixed emotions towards this decision, Los Angeles Lakers’ star LeBron James certainly looks excited, and this isn’t the first time that either of them has shown a sign of appreciation towards each other.

Usher and LeBron James have expressed mutual admiration for each other’s talents and accomplishments in the past. Usher, an 8-time Grammy-winning artist known for hits like “Yeah!” and “U Remind Me,” has praised LeBron for his excellence on the basketball court, while LeBron has shown support for Usher’s music career.

LeBron celebrates OSU victory

LeBron has never shied away from expressing his love for his hometown, be it any big occasion or celebration and the same goes with OSU. He has a remarkable relationship with the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the university itself.

He has been spotted in many games and events which has boosted the morale of the fans and teams. LeBron has often referred to Ohio as his home and has a deep connection to the community. Outside basketball, LeBron James has certainly served as an inspiration to young athletes, including those at the Ohio State University.

Both LeBron James and the Ohio State Buckeyes have achieved significant success in their respective fields. LeBron is widely regarded as one of the icons of the game and certainly has put himself on the pedestal with other greats, while Ohio State’s football program has a storied history of success, including numerous national championships and bowl game victories. With a huge following on social, LeBron often posts encouraging tweets and congratulates the team.

While he continues to break records in the NBA, his subtle connection and enduring support for the Buckeyes have demonstrated the power to unite and grow even more as a sporting community. Many athletes and celebrities have done it and the whole idea of spreading love and support has been a great success in the sporting world.

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