How did Borisa Simanic get injured at FIBA World Cup? Examining the possibility of surgery

The FIBA World Cup is pushing out headline after headline recently as the Serbian star Borisa Simanic encountered a heavy blow during one of Team Serbia’s games. The Serbian forward is ruled out of the tournament and will not play any of the future games for his team.

Simanic plays for Casademont Zaragoza in Liga ACB and has been a key player for the Serbian national team in this World Cup. His ability to play both inside and outside was crucial and his departure has led to disappointment among the fans. It is now evident that the problem is bigger than it was initially announced, but how did he get injured in the first place?

How did Borisa Simanic get injured?

Team Serbia was facing South Sudan at the moment when this tragedy occurred. There were only two minutes left into the game when the Serbian Bear received a blow to the Kidney area by the South Sudanese player Nuni Omot.

Simanic felt rapid pain in the area that received the blow and was immediately moved to a hospital in Manila. There he underwent surgery after initial analysis by the doctors. The head coach of the Serbian national team said that Simanic was bleeding heavily and it was difficult to find the blood needed for him.

Borisa Simanic lost one of his kidneys after surgery.

Everyone was worried about Simanic during the surgery. The surgery was successful and the KSS (The Serbian Basketball Federation) the player was safe and his kidney and its functions were preserved. But in a later report by Telegraf, it was briefed that Simanic had lost one of his Kidneys.

The KSS was quick in confirming the news and followed up by letting the fans and others know that the player had to undergo another surgery on Sunday because of the complications that arose while monitoring his situation.

Borisa Simanic
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The Zaragoza forward is ruled out of the remaining of the World Cup which puts his future career into question, at least for now. The player who injured Simanic later gave out a statement during an interview stating that he did not mean to make a dirty play and he hoped that Simanic would recover fast and he prayed for him. Omot further added, “I’m not a dirty player, I’ve never been a dirty player. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely apologize to everyone who’s watching and to the player especially.”

Do you think Borisa Simanic would be able to have a career now that he’s lost a Kidney? What do you think will happen to Team Serbia now? We are eager to know your thoughts on this matter so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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