Dillon Brooks throws subtle dig at Grizzlies, praising “Canadian blood” teammates after hard-fought victory over Spain at FIBA World Cup 2023

Team Canada and Dillon Brooks met the bar of expectations set for them on September 3rd by defeating Spain in a match that can be considered as one of the best group-stage matches in the tournament this year. The star-studded Canadian team was automatically viewed as one of the favorites to win the whole tournament.

But those aspirations were met with a surprise defeat at the hands of Brazil in the second round of group stages. The next thing we knew was that Canada found itself in a do-or-die situation against the former champions Spain. Dillon Brooks emerged as a hero of the game for the Canadian side and took digs at his former NBA team Memphis Grizzlies while praising his national team.

Dillon Brooks lands brutal jibe at Grizzlies

Dillon Brooks’s amazing performance against Spain was very unexpected by the fans given that the current Rockets star had a rough season with his former team and was heavily ridiculed for it. After the exciting match, Brooks was stopped for a quick Q&A round with the reporters at the scene.

Upon being asked how he was feeling about this big win, Brooks said, “Coming off a tough year with my old squad, it was great having a refresh with Canadian blood. Guys who believe in me. Guys who trust in me.” He further added,“It was great to win this game in a great fashion.

It is no secret that things between the Memphis Grizzlies and Dillon Brooks did not end very well. The now Rockets forward was informed that he won’t be returning under any circumstances this off-season.

It made sense on the part of the Grizzlies as “Dillion the Villian” suffered an awful series against the Lakers in the playoffs and was the focal point of many conversations because of his trash-talking antics. But now Brooks has a chance to prove his former team wrong with his new team now that he’s back running hot.

Dillon Brooks inspires Canada to beat Spain

Dillon Brooks gets most of the credit for Canada’s big win against the former champions Spain. The Rockets forward inspired his teammate with his stellar performance and pushed them to give their best to get the victory they desperately needed to advance.

Brooks scored a total of 22 points on 8 of 12 shooting which included 3 of 3 from the three-point range. He also grabbed 5 rebounds and 2 assists, The Villian of the NBA was especially clutch in the 4th quarter of the game scoring 11 points to help Canada rally from a 12-point deficit. Brooks’s performance was a major factor in the win and a sort of redemption for the Rockets star.

Dillon Brooks
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He had a rough game against Brazil and took this opportunity to prove that he’s still one of the best players in Canada. This win was the Canadian’s first win ever against Spain in a World Cup tournament and secured Canada a place in the quarter-finals.

What do you think of Dillon Brooks’s performance? Do you think his form will carry over in the NBA? We are eager to know your opinion, so drop down in the comments and share your take.

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