Sean O’Malley assesses Henry Cejudo fame translated from Chael Sonnen’s social media interaction

Sean O’Malley became the UFC bantamweight champion by defeating Aljamain Sterling with a knockout within 51 seconds of the second round. O’Malley’s next opponent has yet to be decided, but there are high chances it’ll be either Henry Cejudo or Chito Vera.

Recently Chael Sonnen conducted a poll on his social media, resulting in an online feud between O’Malley and Henry Cejudo. Even though Sean initially called out Chito, it now seems that Triple C is also emerging as a worthy candidate to face the reigning champion.

Sean O’Malley continues trolling Henry Cejudo

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen took to social media to conduct a poll on who Sean O’Malley should fight next, and the aftermath was quite hilarious. The poll resulted in 51% for Chito Vera, 24% for Merab Dvalishvili, followed by Aljamain Sterling at 14% and Henry Cejudo at 12%.

Sean O’Malley assessed the poll result and expressed his opinion saying, “Wow I need to apologize to Henry Cejudo he’s actually way more popular than I thought.”

Henry wasn’t slow to reply, ‘That’s more of a poll of who has the best chance of having herpes! Stop hitting on me, trans-Barbie, I’m taken,’ referring to the UFC bantamweight champion’s pink hair and tattoos.”

“Sugar” involved in online spat with Cejudo

The online interaction between the two escalated into an online spat, with both of them exchanging words to troll and disrespect each other.

Sugar Sean further tweeted, ‘I literally just remembered how short Henry Cejudo is and spit out my coffee I was loling so hard,’ to which Henry Cejudo had a quite hilarious response as he said, ‘Your tatted up face looks like a public bathroom stall.’

O’Malley recently shared a photo with his friends having dinner on Twitter and wrote, ‘Talked with the boys and we decided to let Henry Cejudo off the roster. Great run, champ. Enjoy retirement. Let me know if you need to learn some wrestling defense.’

‘You better pick daddy, you walking tampon. Aljo was too busy making rum and trying to figure out what gender you identify as. The only thing Marlon brings to the table is shittier tattoos.’, Cejudo replied with fiery words.

Sean O'Malley

Who do you think O’Malley will fight next? Will it be Henry Cejudo, Chito Vera, or will Aljamain Sterling get a chance to regain his lost title in a rematch? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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