UFC legend Chael Sonnen drops bombshell on Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler bout amid USAD controversy

UFC fans were ecstatic to see The Notorious back in the octagon when Conor McGregor’s return bout against Michael Chandler was first announced earlier this year. With what Chael Sonnen disclosed recently, it now appears even less probable that the bout will take place, as it’s only getting more uncertain over time.

What did Chael Sonnen say regarding the fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler?

Will The Notorious and Iron’s eagerly anticipated fight ever happen? Everyone in the mixed martial arts community is asking this question right now. In the most recent episode of the Bad Guy Inc podcast, Sonnen addressed the issue and discussed the potential matchup in details. 

The MMA analyst pointed out some important aspects regarding the fight which might just disappoint the UFC fans. According to the former light heavyweight and middleweight title challenger, a big fight like this should have already had everything fixed at the moment but nothing is certain. 

“You ask Conor and Chandler what the weight class of their fight is, they don’t say the same number. Nobody has a venue, nobody has it on sale, nobody has tickets. There’s no poster that’s coming out.” Sonnen said. 

How does The American Gangster feel about Conor’s USADA testing pool regulations? 

Conor is reportedly becoming more adamant about not taking part in the testing pool as USADA keeps pressuring the former lightweight champion to do so, according to The American Gangster

As per USADA, unless the lightweight fighter re-enrolls and displays clean results at least twice in the upcoming six months, Mystic Mac is ineligible to compete in his fight against ‘Iron’. 

“Very powerful organization, in USADA, who’s saying this can’t happen till x, y, z, plus 180 days. It’s one of these things that’s very interesting. I’m into the whole thing. But, there’s nothing about that, that feels like they’re gonna fight.” Sonnen added.

If The Notorious wants to face Chandler in September, he should have already joined the pool by March. McGregor, however, doesn’t seem to have any plans to follow the regulations as it seems. The former two-division champion has already expressed his opinion that he won’t participate in the system as he thinks he is clean. 

How do you feel about the whole Conor McGregor return bout controversy? Do you believe The Notorious will eventually fight Michael Chandler in light of what is transpiring? Comment below and let us know what you think.


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