UFC star Conor McGregor pays homage to boxing legend Ray Robinson

In the boxing community, Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather created quite the stir. Even though it was Conor’s only pro boxing bout, the Irishman has been paying homage to boxing greats on Instagram since then, which has everyone wondering if Conor is interested in making a comeback in the sport. 

McGregor has established himself as one of the most accomplished athletes to ever enter the octagon over the course of his professional MMA career. However, his pompous attitude, trash-talking demeanor, continual harsh remarks, and carefree conduct inside and outside the octagon produced a reputation which typically implies he doesn’t care about other fighters.

However, Conor recently paid honor to Ray Robinson in an Instagram post, which caused everyone to reflect on himself. One of the most prominent boxers in boxing history is without a doubt Sugar Ray Robinson. 

How did Conor McGregor pay homage to Ray Robinson?

In a recent Instagram post The Notorious expressed his tribute to Ray by posting a picture with a quote of Robinson, “You have to pattern your style for each fight against the style of the man you’re fighting,”

This quote indeed reflects the career of the Irish UFC superstar. Conor during the peak of his career was quite a formidable opponent. Becoming a two-division champion is undoubtedly a massive achievement and the The Notorious did that pretty comfortably. 

Which other boxing legend was honored by The Notorious?

This is not the first time Conor has paid a tribute to a boxing legend. Mystic Mac yesterday also shared pictures with Roy Jones Jr, another legendary boxer of the game captioning, “A real honor to meet and know @royjonesjrofficial personally! If multiple division champion makes you a bad man and the heavy weight division makes you the baddest, this guy went from light middle all the way to heavy weight winning world titles.”


According to McGregor, Roy was the one who pushed him to go for the fight against Mayweather in 2017. The fight between The Notorious and Pretty Boy remains one of the most popular PPV boxing events in recent memory, with tickets costing 89.95 USD for standard viewers and 99.95 USD for HD viewers.

“Along with an absolutely insane highlight reel that I still play to this day. I pulled that back hand uppercut I hit Floyd with out of the Roy Jones playbook. ” Conor added.

What are the chances that Conor McGregor would pursue a long boxing career when he finishes competing in mixed martial arts? In the comment box, please share your opinions. 

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