Chiefs HC Andy Reid claims Lions pose ‘big challenge’ ahead of their NFL week 1 clash

Well, NFL season 2023 is definitely upon us! As the famous American professional football league starts off it’s week with their teams in the field, some of them are already playing fire with fire, imposing “threats” upon one another.

Among those teams is Kansas City Chief but specifically, it’s Head Coach, Andy Reid. The old man is known for commenting with no hidden agenda at ongoing current events and defending his team here and there; one comment in particular could be a hint of truth against their upcoming rival Detroit Lions. 

What did Andy Reid said about Chiefs vs. Lions week 1 clash?

What is an NFL game without a Head Coach commenting on it? If only, it makes the season a whole lot better! And what is a Head Coach, if not honest?

It is a common practice among the NFL  head coaches challenging one another through daring comments published publicly and many fans get entertained by the comebacks as well! For most, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach came forward with an honest review about their first upcoming match against the Lion.

So, what did the greatest of all time Kansas Head Coach say against his rival? Well, spoiler alert! 

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs HC Andy Reid (via Getty)

“We look forward to this challenge. This is a big, big challenge for us” Like we mentioned, Andy Reid doesn’t shy away from accepting a challenge.

“They finished absolutely on fire, they play aggressive football,” it seems like Andy does have it’s opponents’ strength on point.

However, Andy doesn’t stop here! For the Kansas’ Head Coach applauded Detroit Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell’s skills and abilities as well. “Dan has done a great job up there with his guys, so I know we’ve got to really have a great week of preparation going forward.”

There is nothing better than bit of truce before the fun begins.

It seems as the Chiefs won’t lose their title as one so quickly because if the head coach is determined and up for a challenge, best believe that Kansas City Cheifs will be as well. 

Chiefs HC Andy Reid claims Chief’s caution against the Lions’ Jared Goff offence

Jared Goff is known for being one of the best Quarterback players for Detroit Lions and safe to say, he is a pure valuable asset for the team.

Jared Goff had massive, marvelous achievements last year, gaining a positive reputation and respect among his teammates and public. The Famous Quarterback accepts his place as a winner in every challenging field he steps into, and that is something Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid cannot deny.

Be that great that even your enemies cannot deny your strength. 

Jeff Goff "warning" for opponents.
via USA Today Sports

Jared Goff had warned that the Detroit Lions can be “explosive” in 2023 NFL season.

However, the Chiefs members handled the attack very professionally.

“He had a heck of a year last year…so we’re aware of Jared Goff, ” Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid admitted.

Head coach continued, “Jared’s a good player, we know that; we had that one game with the Rams a few years back, and we have a lot of respect for him.”

The game they are referring to is when Jeff Goff was a Rams Quarterback before heading against Patrick Mahomes with 11 touchdowns between the two teams. 

Patrick Mahomes had a lot to say about Goff as well. He went off, “No matter if it was with the Rams or last year with the Lions, he’s always put up stats, he’s always won games” we all love an honest footballer player.  

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