Lithuania pulls off major upset over Team USA in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, creating historic stat

The FIBA World Cup is full of surprises for the fans and in the recent matchup of nations, Lithuania shocked the world by making history against Team USA. The game was crazy and no one expected the results to be this shocking.

The Match looked like a scene from a movie where the underdogs demolished the strongest team in the competition. It was a joyful day for all the Lithuanians as their team created a historic landmark in the FIBA World Cup.

Lithuania beats Team USA

Lithuania and USA were set to face each other in the final match of the group stage on the 3rd of September, 2023. It was expected that Team USA would secure the win and walk past Lithuania with ease maintaining their winning streak. But the most successful international team in basketball history was in for a wild ride.

As the match started, Team Lithuania went on a crazy shooting spree in the first half and Team USA could not answer them. The start to the game was electric for all the Lithuanians as their team knocked in nine three-pointers making a massive point lead in the first quarter itself. The rest of the match was USA trying to catch up which they did in later quarters, but failed to dominate and secure the win.

Anthony Edwards was the leading scorer for the American side with 35 points but apart from him, only two other players managed to achieve scores in double digits. As for the Lithuanian side, an unlikely hero Vaidas Kariniauskas led the scoring with 15 points.

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Lithuania had started on a high note with their three-pointers. They were powerful on the boards in the later half of the game as well which allowed them to control the tempo. This game served as a reminder to Team USA that tables can turn anytime, and being the favorites doesn’t matter. However, the American side has qualified for the quarter-finals and will face Italy soon. As for Lithuania, their next opponents are Team Serbia.

Lithuania creates history at FIBA World Cup after win against Team USA

With Lithuania securing the win against Team USA, they have created a historic milestone in the FIBA World Cup. This win was the small Baltic country’s third win over the western giants in this tournament. Lithuania created history by scoring the most points ever scored against the U.S. at the World Cup.

The final score was 110-104 breaking Spain’s previous record of 109-99 which they achieved in the year 1982. This was a major upset for all the U.S. fans but reminded the team that there is no such thing as an invincible team. Hope this upset will fire up the players on Team USA and motivate them to work hard and win the whole tournament.

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