Conor McGregor wagers $250K on Dillon Danis to beat Logan Paul after the maverick drops $2,000,000 bet

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are all set to go to war against each other in the boxing ring on October 14 in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England. What started as an online feud has turned very nasty with Logan Paul’s fiancé Nina Agdal being humiliated by Dillon on social media.

Conor and Dillon are good friends with the latter becoming a part of McGregor’s entourage. Dillon Danis even got jumped on by Khabib when Conor McGregor lost to Khabib.

Conor McGregor wagers $250K on Dillon Danis to beat Logan Paul

Dillon Danis recently revealed that McGregor is set to bet $250,000 on him to win the bout. McGregor betting 250 thousand dollars on Dillon Danis may show his confidence in Dillon beating Paul but it also arises the question that why is Conor McGregor avoiding the 2 million dollars bet by Logan paul.

Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis have been friends for a long time now and McGregor waging 250 thousand dollars and avoiding the 2 million dollars bet from logan has let fans all across the world believe that McGregor isn’t confident in his training partner’s ability to defeat the youtuber turned boxer.

Logan Paul doubles his $1million bet for Conor McGregor

Logan Paul made a bet with Conor McGregor of 1 million dollars that the youtuber turned boxer will beat McGregor’s training partner. This isn’t the first time Paul, who loves to be dubbed ‘The Bad Guy’, has made a move that-like.

UFC legend McGregor has promised to coach Danis for the fight. But Paul has pointed out that McGregor’s coaching on this year’s The Ultimate Fighter has left a lot to be desired, and claimed he will put 1 million dollars on the line over the result of the fight.

“This motherfucker kind of disappoints me, because I grew up really liking Conor McGregor, He’s so entertaining, he’s so good. When he fought Floyd, come on, that was like the most exciting sports event ever. He’s training Dillon and Dillon’s the guy I’m fighting and I have an opportunity to open a dialogue with him, he’s kind of just disappointed me as a superstar.”, Paul said.

Logan Paul has doubled his bet with Conor McGregor, and the youtuber turned boxer is now willing to put 2 million dollars on the line for the fight against Dillon Danis. Earlier this month Paul waged one million dollars but it failed to get a response from the Irishman, so Paul doubled the bet to grab McGregor’s attention.


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