Logan Paul says he doesn’t “fight with emotion” in response to Dillon Danis’ vicious internet troll on his fiancee Nina Agdal

The beef between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has evolved to become a focal point of entertainment for all of social media. Both fighters have gone all out in their personal insults and call-outs on social media. The fighters came face to face in the recent press conference which was held on behalf of Misfit Boxing’s “The PRIME Card” in which they are going to fight.

It seemed that after the press conference, the vicious rivalry between the two would pacify a little. Danis proved that assumption wrong when he started posting even more pictures of Logan’s fiance with other celebrities. The Bellator fighter has been posting pictures of Nina Agdal nonstop as a measure of riling up Paul.

Logan Paul responds to Dillion Danis’ nasty online assault on his fiance

In a recent interview with Misfits Boxing, Logan was asked about his opinion on the discussions that are going on on social media about him and his fiance. Paul replied that he has faced the plight of being the most hated person on the internet before and it is all “internet noise” to him at this point. 

When asked about Danis, the older Paul brother called him a “scumbag” and said that “he’s gone too far”. He further stated that Dillon has purposefully twisted the narrative about Nina. When he was asked if he would be able to control his emotions while fighting Danis, Logan replied: “I don’t fight with emotion”. He justified his statement by saying :”To be honest, I don’t care about Dillon Danis”.

Dillon Danis continues to share brutal attack at Logan Paul’s fiancée

After the Press Conference, Dillon did not stop trolling the older Paul brother on “X” by posting pictures of Agdal with her past romantic partners. He also posted an obscene picture of Logan’s fiance with the caption: “Official ring girl for October 14th!”. Looking at the pace at which the Bellator fighter keeps posting Nina’s pictures, it seems that he still has a lot of her pictures which he might use to rile Logan up.

Recently, Danis has moved on from just targeting Paul’s fiance and has started targeting his parents as well. He posted a video of Logan’s mother in which she was twerking. He added a caption that read: “Logan’s mom has been hanging with Nina too much”. The Bellator fighter also posted a picture of a news article that spoke about Logan’s father being accused of being with underage girls.

What do you think of Dillon’s constant trolls? Has he really taken it too far? Are all these fights going to affect Logan’s performance? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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